The Cherner Chair Company

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The history of the Cherner Chair has a complicated yet storied past. Norman Cherner, the inventor of the Cherner Chair, was a true architecture renaissance man. He drafted homes, chairs, and tables in a holistic view of what a complete lifestyle design ethos can be. Originally conceived as a solution for a low-cost living solutions, Cherner now is associated with the high-end, mid-century school of furniture.

A Company Born Out of the Ashes

Norman Cherner's manufacturing slowed down from the time of his chairs and tables' invention until it stopped completely. In 1999, at the behest of architects and designers all over the world, Norman's sons, Thomas and Benjamin, decided to resurrect their father's timeless designs. Following the original schematics and handmade processes, they brought their father's molded plywood chairs and tables back to life.

Molded Plywood Chairs, Tables, and Storage

There may be no more famous chair silhouette than the Cherner Chair. Consisting of a molded plywood hourglass shape on top of folded legs, each cherner chair is constructed out of high quality wood with premium veneers. The same basic shape appears on the Cherner Side Chair and the Cherner Arm Chair, each bringing mid-century modern simplicity to your dining table, office, or living room. Speaking of which, the Cherner Rectangle Table is the perfect aesthetic accompaniment to the eponymous chairs. Top off the entire collection with your choice of storage options including file drawers, dressers, or credenzas. With their collection of quality wood products made in the USA, you can have a piece of Cherner in every room of your home.

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