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Extendable Dining Tables at Smart Furniture

Make a Little Room for Everybody

Sitting down for a meal is central to the human experience. We're social creatures, conditioned to open our homes and share sustinence with people whom we find important. It's a gesture that extends back millions of years to our evolutionary roots. In fact, learning to share food might be what enabled humanity to harness its incredible mental acuity and rise to the top of the food chain. Our shared meals haven't always transpired at a table, but now that we have them, why not?

Or maybe it's not all that important. Sharing a meal is just a relaxing thing that families and friends do to chat and forget about the day's stressors. Either way, there's something magical about sitting down with folks that you like and eating some tasty noms. Since we don't live in caves anymore, a dining table is the place that we eat, and extendable dining tables ensure that everyone has a place.

Smart Furniture has awesome extendable tables that can accommodate practically any space and any family. Maybe your immediate family is a reasonable quantity of 4, but your, uh, "active" aunt gave you 15 cousins. No worries. The SM 24 Table from Skovby can grow as big as you want. Maybe you don't expect to have a whole bunch of extra folks around for dinner, but you want to have a bit of expansion space. The Currant Extendable Dining Table by Greenington will make space for an extra two to four people. The SM 32 Table by Skovby is an award winning round table with a truly unique opening process that you need to see for yourself. Whether you're looking for an extendable table with a couple of extra leaves or an expanding table with integrated extensions, we have the perfect option for you.

Call Us for Help!

Extendable Tables are all about accommodating your needs. If you need help figuring out which one is best for you, we can help with that. From the amount of maximum seats any table can support to providing unique materials like bamboo, we can hook you up with the perfect extendable dining table for your home, lifestyle, and preferences. Bring back dinners! Bring back sociability!