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Foot Machine FR500 by Humanscale - In Stock

Our Price: $125.00
Our Sale: $ 100.00
Short Description:
The Foot Machine FR500 is a small office accessory but can dramatically improve your health through ergonomics.
Ships Today! 99% Recyclable Authorized Humanscale Retailer

Foot Machine FR500 by Humanscale - In Stock

Our Price: $125.00
Our Sale: $ 100.00

Foot Machine FR500 by Humanscale


Stay active and help support a healthy posture while your brain is hard at work! This addition to any workstation provides instant relief from prolonged sitting. This elegant ergonomic accessory engages lower leg muscles, increases healthful circulation while raising the feet to relieve pressure on the lower back. Features rubber non-skid grips to prevent sliding, keep feet in place, and protect floors. Delivers effortless functionality in a simple, stylish package. 

Design Story

The Humanscale Design Studio is committed to designing workplace tools based on sound ergonomic principles. Modern-day office work has become a largely sedentary task. Humanscale Foot Machines were created to offer relief from prolonged sitting by stimulating movement in the feet and legs throughout the day.

FR500 Features:

  • Rubber, non-skid grips keep feet in place and protect hard floors
  • Relieves stress from legs and supports lumbar area of the back
  • 99% recyclable
  • Lifetime warranty
Rubber grips, die-cast aluminum legs, molded plywood platform, steel foot stop

Overall: 4.5" h x 16.75" w x 12.25" d