Four Hands

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Four Hands

Design Inspired by a World View

Four Hands designers are inspired by travel through the cities, villages, marketplaces of the globe. It is curiosity and a constant seeking that provides the vision that ultimately brings Four Hands products to life. Four Hands takes the best and most intelligent designs from all cultures, ancient and contemporary to inform their product development.

Relentless Process

Product development at Four Hands is a relentless process. It is an experiment in furniture design. The Four Hands product development team mixes travel, inspiration, expertise to source the most compelling designs on Earth, tweak them, and produce something that is vital and new.

Call Us for Help!

If you have any questions about Four Hands or their extraordinary globally inspired products, give us a call! We can answer your questions, provide free design advice, or just chat if you could use a little chitchat. Smart Furniture is the best place on the web to shop for Four Hands.