Greenington Furniture

Greenington lives at the intersection of aesthetics and eco consciousness. Most furniture is built out of hardwoods that take decades to reach full maturity, and when they're chopped down, it can leave a giant gulf in huge ecosystems. Greeningtoon looked elsewhere for their material at choice: bamboo.

Why Bamboo Furniture?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, most prolific plants in the entire world. Besides spreading like crazy--my backyard used to be a yard, but now it's a bamboo forest--it reaches full maturity in only 5 years. That means that bamboo grows exponentially faster than other hardwood trees, but it's also ready to harvest more often and readily. The result is a furniture material that has high oxygen output, grows sustainably, and doesn't replace any oldgrowth forests in its cultivation.

Great Design Meets Eco-Consciousness

Greenington's collection of bamboo home furniture has a simple goal: create sustainable furniture that looks awesome. They have achieved both goals in spades. The Azara collection is a masterpiece, and the Currant Collection is tasteful and beautifully constructed. Each piece is manufactured out of bamboo that grows directly adjacent to the factory, meaning greenhouse gasses are cut tremendously. A beautiful mid-century modern aesthetic permeates each design.

If you're looking for beautiful furniture that has lasting durability and unsurpassed eco friendliness, Greenington should be your choice. No other brand balances beauty, sturdiness, and world friendliness than Greenington.