Gus Modern

Gus* Modern Sofas, Sectionals, Chairs, and More

Gus Modern FurnitureIf you're looking for Smart Furniture's most popular sofa brand, you'd found it. Meet Gus* Modern--a boldly original brand that designs and manufactures some of the coolest sofas on The best part is that, not only are they really popular, people love them for years. Check out Gus Modern's most recent lookbook here

A Furniture Revolution from Toronto

Gus Modern was founded originally as a store, but decided that they could design products way better than the brands they were selling. When you see their current sprawling catalog of award winning designs, it's hard to argue with them. Each Gus product is modern, simple, accessible, and durable. They wanted to make great modern furniture that stood up to the test of time, would last for years, and could fit into practically any space. They succeeded in spades.

Amazingly Clean Sofas, Chairs, Tables, and Sectionals

What you'll find as you're perusing the Gus Modern collection is a bunch of products that just look great. The Jane Bi-sectional is Smart Furniture's #1 selling sectional, and it's for good reason. The tailored edges, clean lines, and classic fabrics are all begging to be admired in your home. The Atwood Sofa, while having fewer sales by volume, is actually our highest rated sofa. Nobody's ever returned one! The closely stitched back and the tight cushions make for classically inspired sofa with a modern touch. Even their accessories are brilliant. The Aluminum Display ledge is perfect for photos, plants, books, and practically anything else you can throw on it. Each sectional, table, sofa, chair, and home accessory is designed to bring an intelligent aesthetic to any room of your home.

Call Us for Help!

If you're not sure whether a Gus Modern sofa, sectional, table, or lounge chair is right for you, give us a call! We'd love to make sure that your investment fits your home's style, budget, and conscience. Give us a call at 800.260.8420 to get chatting with a Furniture Genius. We know these Gus products like the back of our hands.