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The nature of work for humanity has steadily changed over the past 50 years. Technology has replaced people in manufacturing facilities, ushering the workforce into offices and cubicles all around the world. As the essence of labor has evolved, so have the health implications. Humanscale is tackling the new reality of work by researching and developing ground breaking products based off of the scientific study of ergonomics.


Ergonomics is the study of how humans interact in a system. In the case of the office, it focuses on how humans move around their office and desk spaces. As humans moved inside from more physical labor, we began to see the negative effects of sedentary lifestyles. On the list are ailments such as obesity, poor circulation, disc degeneration, increased risk of diabetes, and a plethora of other problems. The study of Ergonomics aims at reducing the potential heath disasters that can occur when one spends eight or more hours per day sitting at a desk.

Task Chairs

The journey to a more accommodating work space begins with your office chair. The task chair is like the foundation of a house; to make a strong building, it all starts with a strong base. An ergonomic chair will support your back better, move with you better, and get your body healthier. Humanscale knows the value of a good task chair which is why they make some of the best ones around. The Freedom Chair is famous for its many moving parts that don't require any manual adjustment. The kinetic nature of the different components makes the chair supportive when needed and simultaneously unobtrusive. The Liberty Chair is one of their most iconic products, appearing in many news and TV sets.


Once you pick out the ergonomic chair that's best for you (check our our top 10 office chairs page or try out the Office Chair Genius), the next area of improvement will be your desk. Ergonomics studies say that sitting down for too long is bad for your health, but standing up too much is likewise bad. Enter the Sit-to-Stand or Height Adjustable Desks. By switching back and forth between sitting and standing throughout the day, your body will reap the benefits of better circulation, metabolic increase, and weight loss. The Float Table is one of the fastest and quietest height adjustable desks on the market. If you don't have the financial or special means to convert your entire work station to a kinetic system, the Quickstand is a cost effective and space efficient tool to add sit-to-stand functionality to your work day.


Humanscale's research did not conclude with the invention of healthier desks and chairs. They found that through small tweaks in the different accessories on your desk, you can take your workspace from a static museum to an interactive utopia. The M8 Monitor Arm puts your screen at eye level, reducing neck and eye stress. A footrest like the FM300 will keep your feet and calves active throughout the day, increasing the circulation throughout your lower half. Even lighting can have a profound effect on your overall health, and a lamp like the Element Disc Light can help throw light on your labor.

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Creating an ergonomic work space can be an intimidating venture, which is why we have a team of friendly sales people here to help you on your adventure. Ergonomic independence is a journey, not a destination, and we're here to get you on the road to success.