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Kartell: Modern Plastic Furniture from Italy

If you go to an upscale hotel, restaurant, home, or bar, there's a good chance that at least one piece of furniture there will be from Kartell. Built with Italian high fashion in mind, Kartell's unique plastic aesthetic can be found where folks need a somewhat classier seating option. At Smart Furniture, we carry Kartell's most famous and popular designs, along with some other fresh gems that will make your home exude haute couture.

A Brand Built on Collaboration

Kartell's bread and butter has always been its utilization of plastic, one of the most revolutionary materials of the 20th century. While luxurious brands were usually associated with premium leathers or sumptuous silks, Kartell decided to go a different direction. They instead play with classic shapes and silhouettes and deconstruct them into plastic. They're truly the pop art masters of the furniture world.

It's appropriate, then, that many of their most popular and famous products are the result of collaboration with some of the most prominent artists and designers in the industry. Leading minds like Phillip Starck, the Bouroullec brothers, and Antonio Citterio have all lent their talents to the Kartell brand. These self described ironic products exude the feeling that Kartell is one or two steps ahead of everyone else.

Indoor or Outdoor

Besides allowing Kartell the ability to experiment with unsuspecting lines and shapes, plastic is also a highly resilient and durable material. That means it's perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Items like the Bubble Club Sofa, Bubble Club Chair, and Bubble Club Table are all exaggerated simulacra of what an outdoor sofa should be. The Louis Ghost Chair, their most popular product, is a transparent homage to Victorian chairs of the eighteenth century. The Masters Chair elicits the atomic structure, perhaps pointing to the fragile existence we all inhabit in our post-meaning world. The Componibili Collection is modular storage taken to the future. Each Kartell design points towards something while always reflecting back upon itself. It truly is the post modern representation of itself in a post-truth world. If only Baudrillard could see this.

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