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Designer and Modern Furniture by Knoll

When it comes to designer furniture, few brands in the world boast a line-up that comes close to rivaling Knoll. From the Saarinen Dining Table to Barcelona Chair, Knoll's designs are beautiful, timeless, and always iconic. For fans of Mid-century classics, you've found your heaven in Knoll.

A History of Modern Design

Founded by Florence and Hans Knoll in 1938, Knoll has built its brand on modern furniture since its inception. As its tagline, "Modern Always," affirms, Knoll is all about contemporary design. From its founding to the present day, it's worked tirelessly to design radical, identifiable, and usable furniture. Over 75 years later, Knoll's collection of midcentury classics and present day avant garde home goods remains second-to-none.

Heavily inspired by the Bauhaus ethics of furniture design, Knoll's primary belief is that furniture should complement architecture, not detract from it. From that jumping point, Knoll's designs spread into practically every facet of modern culture. From huge-scale developments like the GM building in Detroit to individuals' homes all across the world. Knoll has steadily transformed interior spaces in their image. Florence Knoll's vision was the change the way that people interact with their environments. We say, "Mission accomplished."

Collaboration and Designers

Naturally, Knoll's most famous designer is Florence Knoll herself. Many eponymously named, Florence Knoll's designs are iconic, visually stunning, and gorgeously modern. Her Florence Knoll tables, chairs, sofas, and desks all combine rich materials in a highly functional medium. While Florence's contributions to the Knoll collection are vast, they're hardly exhaustive. Perhaps the most iconic piece of furniture in the collection, the Saarinen Table, was designed by Eero Saarinen himself. The Barcelona Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Mies Van der Rohe is one of the most famous chairs ever made. The entire Richard Schultz collection changed outdoor furniture forever. Bertoia's playful designs are staples of museums, high-end homes, and restaurants everywhere. The Platner Collection is a high-fashion signifier that's probably unparalleled by any other line of furniture. When your collection boasts items from Saarinen, Schultz, Bertoia, and Noguchi, you can rest assured that you probably have the largest swath of mid-century icons in the business. And Knoll does.

Florence Knoll

The animating presence behind Knoll furniture for the last half century has been Florence Knoll. The creator and implementer of the total design principle, as well as the most accomplished architect and designer employed by the company, Knoll drove the company to great heights. For her efforts, career and art, Ms. Knoll was awarded the National Endowment for the Arts' National Medal of Arts in 2002.

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