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How to Relax Like a King

I don't have to tell you that lounge chairs are great. They're plushy, relaxing, smell awesome if they're leather, and they make you look like a boss. Even babies, swallowed by the absurdly outsized proportion of lounge chairs to their small frame, still exude a certain je ne sais quoi when perched on a leather lounge. So instead of tell you why you need a lounge chair in your home (you probably already know), I'm going to give you three simple steps for how you can lounge like a pro.

Step 1: Find Your Chair Soulmate

This probably goes without saying, but not all chairs are created equally. Some like the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are designed to feel like a well worn 1st baseman's glove. Others like the Asymmetric Chaise Lounge by Knoll are usable pieces of art that you can place somewhere in your home. You have to think about what you're looking to do with your chair. Are you looking for a reading chair? Do you need somewhere snazzy to crash while you watch American Idol? Are you just looking for something that looks cool? It's up to you, but deciding the chair's main purpose is the first step you need to take.

Step 2: Find Your Pose

Every lounge chair has a different pose required. The Barcelona Lounge Chair is tilted back at a perfectly reclined angle so that you'll look 100% chill, relaxed, and engaged yet ambivalent when you're sitting in it. Other chairs like the Jackson Chair by TrueModern might have you sitting cross-legged on its oversized seat cushion. It's important to visualize what you think you'll look like when you sit on your lounge chair. Are you trying to exude a cool air of indifference, one leg crossed over another Mad Men style. Maybe your preferred lounge position is a little more upright, in which case the Platner Lounge Chair by Knoll will be more your style. You have to know how you'll look in your lounge chair. I'm convinced that 90% of lounging is being conscious of how cool you look while lounging. I mean, it worked for Don Draper.

Step 3: Find Your Accessory

This last and final step might be the most important. Chair and posture can only do so much. Your choice of typical accessory will really put together your lounge chair look. Maybe your choice of accessory is a nice, leather bound book. For that, You'd love the Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair and Ottoman in a refined MCL leather. Maybe your accessory is a finger or two of bourbon in a flat glass. That requires a more simple yet classic chair--something like the Michael Chair by Younger Furniture. Maybe you just want to lie back while catching the latest episode of Modern Family. For that, practically any Stressless Chair would work, but the Skyline Chair is a total winner. Your accessories matter. Think about it!

Call Us for Help!

We love lounging. As a matter of fact, after today is over, I'll be lounging in my IMG Norway Divani Relaxer with a can of LaCroix (Tangerine flavor). You can be like me. Give one of our Furniture Geniuses a call at 800-260-8420 and we'll help pair you with your Platonic ideal lounge chair. Pamper yourself. You deserve it.