Recliners and Lounge Chairs

The Most Comfortable Chairs at Smart Furniture

Close your eyes. Wait, don't actually close your eyes, because then you couldn't read this. Metaphorically close your eyes. Now picture this: you're sitting by a crackling fire, a great book in your hand, and a hot chocolate in the other. What are you sitting in? A wooden dining chair? I don't think so. You're sitting in a plushy, relaxing, reclining lounge chair.

At Smart Furniture, we know that a lounge chair has to be comfortable first. That's why we carry some of the most ergonomic, comfortable, and stylish recliners in the world. Literally. We source our recliners from all over the globe to make sure that you're sitting in the utmost comfort. Ekornes Stressless designs incredibly comfy and supportive lounge chairs in Norway, and they're some of our best sellers. IMG Norway also hails from the beautiful fjords of Scandinavia to build beautiful gliders and recliners. Herman Miller builds their Eames Lounge chairs in Michigan. Some of our more affordable recliners hail from Asia where the cost of manufacture is a little lower. We've scoured the furniture industry in order to grab a collection of amazingly comfortable, durable, and great looking recliners that will be your new favorite place to plop down after a long day of work.

Smart Furniture offers recliners in a variety of styles from traditional to ultra-modern. No matter which style suits you best, you won’t find any place on the web where it is easier to customize your choice in the exact color, base and finish you want. Some of our Ekornes Stressless chairs have over 200 leather and base options, but with the Smart Furniture customization tool, in a matter of 3 minutes of less you can custom select the exact color you want.

Call Us for Help!

If you're not quite sure about which recliner is best for you, we'd love to help. Our Furniture Geniuses know all of these brands like the back of our hands. We can send you free swatches, assist with sizing, and help pair you with your style soulmate. Give us a ring at 800-260-8420 to get started. Your improved nap time awaits.