Loveseats at Smart Furniture

If you are in the market for a small sofa, consider one of the many loveseat options from Smart Furniture. Loveseats trace their design roots back to the courts of Louis XV and Queen Anne of England when the voluminous skirts of fashionable ladies’ dresses made sitting on smaller seats impossible. In the Victorian era, the loveseat became associated the courting couples. An S-shaped configuration which allowed young loves the chance to sit adjacent to each other, but with an arm-rest in-between for propriety was very popular.

A Short History of Short Sofas

Today, the term loveseat is commonly used to refer to any small sofa that seats only two. A typical loveseat is 60 or fewer inches long, compared to the typical sofa length of 84 inches. Loveseats have multiple uses today – the perfect seating solution for small apartments and urban lofts – a complimentary small sofa to augment your primary sofa – or a casual seating option for less formal conversations at your office.

Smart Furniture offers a wide range of loveseat options in traditional, contemporary and modern styles. In you are looking for a mid-century inspired design, consider the Lily Loveseat from Younger, which can be paired with the larger Lily Sofa so create a unified design in your living room.

If you are looking for a more contemporary style, consider one of the many modern loveseat designs from Ekornes, manufacturer of the Stressless line of sofas and loveseats. Many of these loveseats also recline, which is great for that relaxing night at home.

Of course, Smart Furniture also offers love seat options for customers looking to make a bold style statement in their home. Two of our favorites are the Eames 2-Seat Sofa from Herman Miller and the Knoll Settee by Knoll.

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