Bookcases at Smart Furniture

The Best Way to Display your Intelligence to Your Guests

There's nothing quite like melting into your favorite chair with a book in your lap and a piping hot cup of coffee by your side. Books are awesome. They give us respite from our everyday lives and offer windows into new ways of thinking. The problem is, they're bulky and take up a bunch of space.

Bookcases may have existed as long as books, and may even outlive their printed iterations. Many people are replacing books with electronics. At the same time, uses for bookshelves are becoming more diverse. For example, I keep my Simon and Garfunkel vinyl collection and record player in the music room. Their resting place? A distressed wood bookshelf. No books? No problem. In fact, practical bookshelf repurposing can shape and redirect the flow of a room. Here are some ideas for bookshelves to give your next design project a spark.

Use the bookcase as a room divider.

A shelf is a perfect solution for dividing a room into two separate spaces. For our apartment-dwelling friends, space can be a premium. Utilizing space wisely can transform the feel of your home completely. Many apartments don't have a separate living and dining room. Divide the single, large space with something like the Shilf Shelf. You'll create two separate rooms without building walls.

Toss the filing drawers from your home office. They're ugly.

Home offices are a safe haven for bookshelves, and there's a perfect reason why. They look better than filing cabinets, and you can use them for more than stashing old papers and your coin collection. Don't fill your office with bland cabinets and filing drawers—replace them with the Albans Bookcase. You'll have a stylish piece of furniture with accessible organization. The best part is that your stamp collection won't hide behind cold steel. It'll be out in the open on the bookshelf for all to see.

Bookcases don’t have to be expensive to be stylish

If you are decorating on a budget, Smart Furniture has a great selection of bookcases that won’t break the bank. Consider this 4-Shelf Bookcase for under $150 or the Oxford Short Bookcase by Dovetail that combines style with versatility.

They might make you read more.

Reading more is a common top-five New Year's resolution. Like a person going on a diet who buys a small pair of pants for inspiration, buying a new bookcase may incite you to read more. An empty bookshelf impresses no one. But if you fill it with Foucault, Tolstoy, Nabokov, and Nietzsche, you may lose all your friends. The bad news? Your newfound interest in philosophy has wrecked your social life ... but it's opened up plenty of reading time. You'll fill up your new shelves in no time!

Beautiful bookshelves and bookcases are a focal point in every well appointed home. Not only are they wonderful storage and display devices, but they can be works of art in and of themselves.