Magis: Designs without Boundaries from Italy

To get an idea of what Magis represents, you'll have to look forward before you look back. In the internet age, everyone is accustomed to the idea of crowd sourcing--that is, drawing from a group in order to create cool technologies openly and freely. Magis started taking advantage of that approach 40 years ago, but it did it with furniture instead instead of cell phone apps.

A History of Collaboration

A self-described "factory free" organization, Magis utilizes the talent of a wide range of designers, builders, and materials to create a collection of furniture that's always evolving and innovating. Instead of laying deep roots that ground it in one aesthetic, archetype, or mood, Magis instead roams the world looking for cool new stuff to make in cool new ways. The results speak for themselves. What started out as a company that built stepping stools now manufactures the innovative, the awesome, and even the weird.

Award Winning Designers, Award Winning Designs

Magis relies on the forward-thinking work of its many designers for its success. Names like Stefano Giovannoni, Jasper Morrison, Philippe Starck, Zaha Hadid, and more have all contributed to Magis's collection of furniture. Each design is meant to be simple, modern, good for the environment, and good for design. That's how unique items like the Spun Chair can exist directly next to the Paso Doble Stool. Each piece should stand on its own. The story is the product itself--there is no overarching design narrative or initiative. The only thing that matters to Magis is building fun, useful, and savvy products that fit into modern ethics. From dining room furniture to umbrella stands, Magis aims to make the everyday something special.

Call us for Help!

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