MASH Studios

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Take a deep breath. Visualize yourself simplifying everything about your life. You're reducing clutter, bringing your home into alignment, and feeling good about life. You dream of wide open spaces and plenty of breathing space. In that visualization, do you see really heavy, old-fashioned furniture with a million superfluous carvings and accents? Of course you don't. You see furniture that brings zen to your home--simple furniture made out of strong materials and subdued colors. You're thinking of MASH Studios.


After the hit documentary on Netflix, streamlining and simplifying has been all the rage. The aesthetic movement of minimalism has reverberated far and wide, but it's almost impossible to know how that philosophy can actually transform your life in any practical ways. Well, the truth is, the things around you influence your feelings, and some types of furniture just don't bring an ounce of respite. They're busy, cluttered, and collect dust. Those are all things that MASH Studios is not.

Each MASH Studios bed, dresser, storage unit, or table is designed with a purpose in mind. What is the product supposed to do? Once the object's use is determined, the design makes sure that it fulfills that purpose. Everything else is pointless anyway. MASH's products bring a streamlined air of simplicity to any space in which they're brought . For example, the LAX Storage Bed is a simple platform bed constructed out of solid English walnut with drawers underneath. It's the exact size that it needs to be for whatever mattress you use. The drawers slide seamlessly below the platform. That's what a storage bed should do. Repeat the formula with the Milking Tables. Repeat it with the LAX Storage Bench. Repeat. Repeat. Both the PCH Collection and LAX collection are designed to bring modern simplicity and Zen-like declutter to your home, apartment, condo, or loft. Not only is the furniture beautiful, but it's also durable, well constructed, and essentially turnkey.

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We're here to help you bring your abode into the #minimalist world. With MASH Studios, you too can turn your living space into a meditative paradise. Give us a call at 800.260.8420 and one of our Furniture Geniuses will help pair you with the perfect MASH Studios bed, dresser, desk, table, or storage for your home.