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36" Cushion for Nelson Platform Bench by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 585.00
Short Description:
Nelson designed his platform bench to be just uncomfortable enough to keep office visitors from lingering too long. It didn't work; they liked sitting on the slatted surface. Today, you'll like it even more when you add this perfectly-sized foam cush

36" Cushion for Nelson Platform Bench by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 585.00

36" Cushion for Nelson Platform Bench
by Herman Miller

At A Glance:
The iconic form of the Nelson Platform Bench is superbly complemented by this well-proportioned cushion. If comfort is what you're looking for, the polyurethane foam of the this Cushion for the Nelson Bench will satisfy your need. And as for style? It's Herman Miller - need we say more?

What's To Like:
The Nelson Bench Cushion is thoughtfully designed. It attaches to the bench with Velcro straps, so it'll stay put when you sit down - none of that sliding around that's so common with bench cushions.

What's Not to Like:
Not a flaw in the design, but a constraint in your use of the cushion: it's made for the Nelson Platform Bench, so it's less likely that you'll be able to use the cushion in other places around your home.

The Bottom Line:
Linear, colorful, and well-made, the Nelson Platform Bench Cushion will stand up to whatever you put it through. Small children, New Year's Eve parties, and even your pet; whoever finds themselves seated on the cushioned bench will be comfortable.


  • Dimensions: 1.5" h x 36" w x 18.5" d
  • A variety of Herman Miller's most popular leather choices is accompanied by three bright felt options, straight out of the mid-century palette
  • The cushion fits the 48", 60", and 72" Nelson Platform Benches (sold separately), and pairs well with the 24" Nelson Bench Cushion
  • Velcro straps secure the cushion in place on the bench

The Herman Miller Nelson Bench Cushion is also known by the following manufacturer item numbers: PBC.36F, PBC.36E.

Single-piece polyurethane foam insert, felt or leather cover

Overall: 1.5" h x 36" w x 18.5" d