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Bivi Leg by Steelcase

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Short Description:
The Bivi Leg is the basic structural support for every Bivi Table. It's made from powder-coated steel and features grooves for accessory mounting. Adjustable feet level it out.

Bivi Leg by Steelcase

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Bivi Leg
by Steelcase

At A Glance:
Buy a leg, not another desk. Unassuming as it is, the Bivi leg is a huge part of Bivi's flexibility. Add one leg to any Bivi "Plus" product to make it a freestanding table. Reconfigure a workstation for 4 or 6 people with additional Bivi Legs. The options are endless, the list of parts you'll need isn't.

What's To Like:
It attaches very simply to the Bivi Table, and makes it easy to add another worksurface if you need to expand your workspace.

What's Not to Like:
If we're nitpicking, we can say that the Bivi Leg has a funny accent or something ... but honestly, as far as table legs go, it's a really smart design.

The Bottom Line:
The Bivi Leg is an essential element of an expanding Bivi workspace. If you need to grow, being able to add desk space and just one more leg will be a great thing.

Bivi Leg is part of the Bivi Collection by Steelcase.


  • Grooves in the horizontal bars for attachment to the wire trough and table top
  • Steel construction for strength and durability
  • Three finish colors give you just the look you want
The Bivi Desks, Tables, and Accessories by Steelcase were built to anticipate and satisfy the needs of modern small and growing businesses. Here, finally, is furniture built for the modern worker, the modern conference room, and the modern office. It's adaptable, efficient, flexible and movable, low cost and high value. It's the furniture that the small business market needs and deserves, here for the first time. With just three basic components that can be mixed and matched to create an endless array of looks and group work opportunities, and a bevy of attachments that can make each desk unique, powerful and productive, the Bivi desking system is a simple solution that truly performs.

The hallmarks of the new office, the modern office, are technology and collaboration. Laptops, smart phones, servers and every other modern marvel of the workforce have a couple of things in common: 1) They are absolutely essential to running a business, and 2) Office furniture is rarely built with them in mind. The Steelcase Bivi Desks, Tables and Accessories are here to change all of that.

The inspiration for the Bivi line was the idea of modular furniture. Modular desks, modular conference tables, modular and open offices. The new workers, the modern technological workers in a small and growing business, are multi-taskers. The new workers consistently do a dozen things at once from and around their desks, using the internet, the smart phone, and their co-workers for support. The new workers are collaborative, able to communicate easily and fluidly not only with their co-workers in the office, but also with colleagues all across the country, and even overseas. The new workers want to create a personalized niche within a larger pattern - express their individual taste while maintaining an overall look in keeping with their company. And they don't like to be hemmed in. For new businesses, none of those things are a problem. But if the workers are using traditional office furniture, every one of them is an unanswered need. The Bivi Tables are the solution.


Bivi Desks are built with three components. Two legs for the base, one flat desk top, and an electronics trough to organize the many cords and devices that festoon the contemporary work desk. The trough forms the back of the desk's base, and the flat desk top simply slides into the grooved sides of the legs. From boxed to built in less than five minutes, the desks are lightweight, easy to move and take apart, and easier still to personalize with a range of appropriate Steelcase accessories. Research has shown that workers are more productive and more communicative when they work on these "bench style" desks. No cubicles, no walls, and total access to their co-workers. All of this is what makes modular furniture so important, and so necessary to the success of a small or growing business.


Of course the Bivi desks couldn't truly be called modular unless they were able to shape shift and adapt in more than one way. One of the most exciting aspects of this furniture line is that it can be so easily and creatively mixed and matched to produce optimum results. The legs of each desk are equipped with grooves and attachment areas that allow and encourage additions. That means you can snap two desks together, facing one another, and create a dual desk. It means four tables can be put together in the same way, creating a conference table that can be built and staffed as quickly as it can be taken apart and turned back into separate desks. There is no limit to how far you can go, or how creative you can be. Four desks, six desks, eight desks, more - these tables are built to be modular, to be the furniture equivalent of your flexible, adaptable, collaborative workforce.

With just a few simple components and a large range of individual attachments and applications, this desking system is the pinnacle of modern modular office furniture. It answers every need of the modern business, and offers the flexibility and adaptability you demand from your business, and your employees.

Environmental Information

Bivi Is:
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified in North America
  • Level 1 BIFMA e3 certified
Bivi Has:
  • 58 percent recycled content (11 percent post-consumer)
  • 46 percent recyclable content