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Aeron Stool by Herman Miller

Our Price: $1,395.00
Our Sale: $ 1,185.75
Short Description:
For designers, office workers, and architects that sit at a taller table, there's no more ergonomic stool available on the market. This chair will bring all day sitting comfort to counter and bar height workspaces.
12 Year Warranty Authorized Herman Miller Retailer Ergonomic Office Stool

Aeron Stool by Herman Miller

Our Price: $1,395.00
Our Sale: $ 1,185.75

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Aeron Stool by Herman Miller
designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf

At A Glance:
The Aeron Chair is the most famous and popular office chair ever made. Last year, Herman Miller re-built the chair from the ground up to create the Remastered Aeron Chair. Now, they've taken the same improvements and applied them to the Aeron Stool. This bad mamma-jamma is an ergonomic sitting machine that's perfect for taller workstations and drafting tables. The Remastered Aeron Stool is ergonomics elevated.

What's To Like:
We're talking about an Aeron Chair here. This chair provides all day sitting comfort with body-positive positioning. It's designed to make your blood flow better, your back extra supported, and your body cool and functional. The Aeron Chair is the king of office chairs. What does that make the Aeron Stool? Probably the king of ergonomic stools.

The Bottom Line:
For designers, office workers, and architects that sit at a taller table, there's no more ergonomic stool available on the market. This chair will bring all day sitting comfort to counter and bar height workspaces.

Materials: Pellicle suspension material conforms to user's body and retains its original shape when not in use. The material is lightweight and breathable, distributing the user's weight evenly over the seat and the back of the stool for added comfort.


High Height: 

Overall: 49"" H x 27"" W x 17"" D

Seat Height: 28""

Seat Depth: 17""

Adjustable Height: 49 in - 54.5 in Adjustable Seat Height: 28 in - 34.25 in

Low Height:

Overall: 45.63"" H x 27"" W x 17"" D

Seat Height: 25""
Seat Depth: 17""

Adjustable Height: 45.6 in - 49.25 in Adjustable Seat Height: 24.75 in - 29.25 in

Assembly Required: No

Adjustment Instructions

Aeron Stool Adjustment Instructions

Herman Miller Warranty

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Care Instructions

Aeron Stool Care Instructions

Environmental Information

Environmentally Sensitive Design
The Aeron chair was designed with sensitivity to its impact on the interior environment in which it will be placed and the broader environment that provides the resources for its manufacture.
With its dematerialized, Cradle to Cradle design that includes 53 percent recycled content, and is 89 percent recyclable, Aeron set a new bar for sustainability when it launched. With today's update, Herman Miller has taken another step forward by removing urethane, neoprene, and methylene chloride.

Guided by Stumpf's notions of "visual comfort" and Chadwick's keen eye for aesthetic detail, Aeron was designed to harmonize with the environment in which it was placed. Recognizing that most environments look and feel vastly different today, Aeron's colors, materials, and finishes have been completely reconsidered to enhance modern environments. For the first time, Aeron is offered in three holistically curated material palettes that require no additional specification: Mineral (Light); Carbon (Medium); and, Graphite (Dark).

Design Story

In 2014, Herman Miller tasked Don Chadwick with the impossible: improve what many consider to be a perfect product. The Aeron Chair, easily the most popular office chair ever created, had turned 20 years old, and it was time for a refresh. The chair wasn't in need of radical changes, but with improved manufacturing processes, more environmentally friendly materials, and general aesthetic changes over two decades, the door was open to re-think how the Aeron Chair could function in the 21st century. Having designed the chair back in the early 1990s, Don Chadwick reopened the schematics and got to work. The result of that two year process is the Aeron Chair, remastered.

When the original chair was designed, it was truly revolutionary. Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf studied office workers for months, carefully noting how they interacted with their workspaces. What they found was extensive fidgeting, moving, and painful adjustments. Their goal quickly became apparent: create a chair that accommodates people's natural sitting positions while keeping them cool, blood flow at a maximum, and most of all, their backs fully supported. In order to accomplish this task, they developed new materials never used on an office chair before. The most important material that helped them accomplish this task is the proprietary Pellicle™ fabric, a weaved, mesh-like fabric with significant tensile strength and resiliency. This low-profile and incredibly strong fabric allowed them to create a radically modern chair that was unlike anything people had seen before. At the Aeron Chair's release, some even commented that it looked "alien-like!" Little did those detractors know that they were looking at a product that would change the landscape of thousands of offices across the world and change the way people thought about office chairs forever.

The newly remastered Aeron Chair picks up seamlessly where the Classic Aeron Chair left off. Still available in three unique sizes, A, B, and C, the chair boasts an inclusive design that no other office chair can claim. With its body-inclusiveness preseved, they started the Aeron Chair's remastering with the Pellicle™ fabric itself. The result is the all new 8Z Pellicle™ fabric, a revolutionary zonal sitting experience that disperses weight differently throughout its 8 sitting zones. Now, each body part is better supported to its needs, and the zones respond appropriately to the requirements of each unique sitter and position. This 8Z Pellicle™ fabric allowed Don Chadwick to remove the thigh-pad from the original Aeron, helping improve the sitters' circulation while simultaneously increasing the chair's eco-consciousness.

Another significant improvement lies in the all new PostureFit SL® technology. Tossing out the original butterfly-shaped PostureFit® support, they minimized the materials used and added to the support provided. SL, meaning Sacral-Lumbar, is specifically designed to target the two lower back zones that most need support: the sacrum and the lumbar! The PostureFit SL® is easier to adjust, features a much lower profile, and is incredibly supportive.

Along with those two major changes, the new Aeron Chair features other smaller upgrades over the Classic Aeron Chair. The tilt tension is easier and more responsive to adjustments. The Tilt Limiter is improved with a more tactile response and interactive knob under the seat of the chair. The forward seat angle is likewise easier to adjust, no longer requiring significant rocking like the Classic Aeron Chair. 4-d Adjustable arms are also a new arrival, meaning that the arms can be adjusted up, down, in, out, forward, and backwards. An easier to adjust mechanism provides a much more seamless height adjustment on the arms than the previous Aeron Chair. Overall, the chair is about 4 pounds lighter than the previous model, making it more sustainable and less reliant on plastic for construction.

While it seems impossible to improve upon perfection, Don Chadwick truly accomplished the feat. The Aeron Chair has improved upon the revolutionary design of the Classic Aeron Chair, creating a new product that's still extremely familiar. Like a classic rock album, there was no need to redesign the chair from the casters up. Rather, Herman Miller was able to preserve the famous silhouette, space-aged materials, and unsurpassed comfort to create a new chair that remastered the original design, allowing it to mature gracefully into the 21st century.