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Branch Task Lamp

Our Price: $ 195.00
Short Description:
t. Its sleek metal frame screws into the uprights of our Branch organization system, conserving precious surface space. Rotate and tilt to highlight what matters most — from your workspace to a work of art.
Rotating Lamp Shade Dimmable For Use with the Branch Shelving System

Branch Task Lamp

Our Price: $ 195.00

Branch Task Lamp by GUS* Modern

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The Branch Task Lamp by Gus Modern is a must-have fixture for modern living, offering both functionality and style. Designed specifically for use with the Branch Organizational System, this lamp is a space-saving solution that conserves precious surface space. The sleek metal frame of the lamp screws into the uprights of the Branch system, making it an integrated part of your workspace. One of the standout features of this task lamp is its mechanism that allows the lamp head to rotate and tilt, providing the perfect lighting position for any task. Whether you need focused light on your workspace or want to highlight a work of art, the Branch Task Lamp can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The fabric electrical cord adds a touch of elegance to the lamp, with a black cord for the black colorway and a black and white mix cord for the white colorway. The dial dimmer switch on the cord allows for precise control of the lamp's brightness, giving you the flexibility to set the lighting ambiance to your liking. The Branch Task Lamp comes with GU 10 light bulbs for each lampshade, providing bright light with a color temperature of 3000K and 380 lumens of output. The lamp is also UL Listed, ensuring safety and quality.

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  • Designed specifically for use with the Branch Organizational System
  • Mechanism allows lamp head to rotate and tilt for the perfect lighting position
  • Fabric electrical cord (black cord for black colorway, black & white mix cord for white colorway) with a dial dimmer switch allows for precise control of lamp brightness
  • GU 10 light bulb for each lampshade included
  • UL Listed-product has been tested by UL to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards
  • 2 Color options
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Height 16"
Depth 23"
Width 14.5" 
Weight 7 lbs


  • Unplug the lamp from its power source like electricity or battery
  • Always clean the lamp with a soft dry cloth
  • Make sure cleaning materials are smooth and free of grit
  • If your desk lamp was just turned on before you decided to clean it, the light bulb may be very hot and might have heated up the glass as well. If you just turned off the light, let the light cool down for 10 minutes before you start cleaning