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Campfire Mobile Storage Cabinet by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 924.00

Campfire Mobile Storage Cabinet by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 924.00

Campfire Mobile Storage Cabinet
by Steelcase

At A Glance:
The Campfire Mobile Storage Cabinet can be used alone or tucks neatly under the Campfire Big Table (counter-height version) fitting up to four cabinets per side. Two adjustable shelves solve storage needs for different heights, and a wardrobe option to store backpacks, purses, coats, anything item that can hang on a coat hook and fit into a 30" h x 6.5" w space.

What's To Like:
Its size makes it a perfect fit for the Big Table, or any office application where a cabinet is needed. The option to hang a suit coat inside it is a helpful touch.

What's Not to Like:
It's too tall to fit under a sitting-height table, but if you need something that does we have a wide selection of mobile pedestals.

The Bottom Line:
Campfire Mobile Storage Cabinet is ready to hold your stuff and help you take it from place to place in the office.

The Mobile Storage Cabinet is part of the Campfire Collection by Steelcase.


  • Measures 38" h x 23" w x 18.5" d
  • MDF frame, low-pressure laminate, plastic casters

The Campfire Mobile Storage Cabinet is also known by the following manufacturer item numbers: TS4TSLH, TS4TSRH, TS4TSWLH, TS4TSWRH.

Turnstone Office Furniture Volume Discounts

Wood, low-pressure laminate and steel.

Overall: 38" h x 23" w x 18.5" d
The story of Campfire, designed by Kirt Martin & Tim Stoepker
Take your favorite place to work...Campfire is informal furniture inspired by familiar indoor and outdoor spaces. Those places that small emerging companies think about when it comes to their idea work environments. Inspired by peoples' everyday life, Campfire has been designed to take elements that work at life and make them life at work.

It is inspired by the needs of small emerging companies. Their totally informal work style and their vital need for community led us to create a series of user-centered elements that create work islands helping those companies generate ideas, energy and community.