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Caper Stacking Chair with FlexNet Seat by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 420.00
Short Description:
Caper is a family of nimble, stylish chairs that make moving easy and brighten up a room with their color and flair.

Caper Stacking Chair with FlexNet Seat by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 420.00

Caper Stacking Chair with FlexNet Seat by Herman Miller
designed by Jeff Weber

At A Glance: This chair is as clever and light on its feet as any cold war lady-killing spy. It's breathable (aka never sweats under pressure), it's adaptable (aka can build bombs with tinfoil) and it's a breath of fresh air in any office or room (your office is Moneypenny in this scenario). It's also half the weight of its four legged competitors.

What's To Like: The ultra comfortable and ultra breathable mesh that forms the FlexNet seat of the chair is a real breakthrough in side chair design. It's also often half the price of it's twice-the-weight competitors.

What's Not to Like: Some folks don't love the stretchy FlexNet. Don't despair - you can get the exact same chair with a harder molded plastic seat (for even less money!).

The Bottom Line: The Swiss Army Knife of group seating, and the James Bond of side chairs.

  • A caper is a light-hearted leap. Thus, Caper - a family of nimble, stylish chairs that make moving easy and brighten up a room with their color and flair. Pull up a couple of Caper stacking chairs for collaborative work. Pull one up as a side chair.
  • FlexNet seat version shown here. The Caper Chair is also available with a molded seat.
  • Lightweight and easy to move - singly or as a group - Caper chairs weigh about half as much as competitive models; the stackable chair without armrests weighs only 9.5 pounds. The Flexnet chair with arms weighs 11.5 lbs. All chair styles and configurations can be stacked up to 6-high on the floor, and each chair has a backrest cutout for easy movement.
  • Designed to be portable, Caper chairs can be stacked six-high on the floor or 15-high on the Caper Cart and then moved easily as a group.
  • Available with casters or with standard glides for carpets. Stacking chairs can be equipped with innovative Floor Saver Glides, which don't mar hard finishes and are ideal for vinyl composition tiles (VCT); the glide pushes dirt out of the way instead of running it over and grinding it into the tile. Easy - and safe - to pull over here or push into a group over there.
  • Small but mighty comfortable. The contoured, flexible seat and back evenly distribute weight, minimize pressure points, and let the user move freely. The back is perforated with small holes to help keep the sitter cool.
  • The light, clean design of Caper chairs fits in without dominating the look or feel of a work area. Caper blends visually with nontraditional work chairs; its colors and form make Caper an ideal side-chair complement to the Mirra work chair. Caper is available in several colors, from playful primaries to sophisticated neutrals, each one energizing a workspace.

The Herman Miller Caper Chair is also known by the following manufacturer Item Numbers: WC420N, WC420P, WC410N, WC410P.

Tubular steel frame with a Flexnet suspension material across the seat.

Overall: 32" h x 24.25" w x 18.5" d
Seat height: 18"
Seat width: 17.75"
To develop a better solution for hard-working, multiuse spaces, Herman Miller built on its extensive work chair research base and applied it to secondary seating. The result, the lively Caper chair, was designed by Jeff Weber of Studio Weber & Associates, using universal design principles to create one seating product that accommodates the diversity of people, tasks, and behaviors in a multitude of work areas.

Weber believes that design is ''the connective tissue'' between people and the environment, and that the quality of that design--whether of a building or a chair--profoundly effects the quality of life. The Caper chair, he says, achieves its high level of performance and comfort by ''using standard materials in novel ways.'' The Caper family provides all this at an affordable price. ''Too much good design seems expensive,'' Weber says. ''I wanted to break that cliché.''