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Chelsea Relaxer Gliding Power Reclining Leather Armchair

Our Price: $ 3,108.00
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Short Description:
The Chelsea Relaxer provides the perfect balance of supportive and soft cushioning, an articulated headrest, and a cozy glider rocker function.
Swivels, Rocks, and Glides Integrated Footstool Free Shipping!

Chelsea Relaxer Gliding Power Reclining Leather Armchair

Our Price: $ 3,108.00
+ Free Shipping

Chelsea Relaxer Gliding Power Reclining Leather Armchair

Chelsea Relaxer reclining armchairs are designed to suit all tastes. But whether you choose traditional contours or contemporary clean lines, you can rest assured that Norwegian quality is at the heart of every design. Every Chelsea Relaxer is made with Cold-Cure moulded foam cushioning, a unique technology that ensures comfort, body correct support and durability.

Each relaxer offers a range of functionality to make your downtime even more comfortable, including a smooth recline with integral footstool, adjustable headrest, and swivel and rocking functions. With up to three sizes to choose from, finding your perfect fit has never been easier.

Comfort features:
Enjoy five built-in functions designed to enhance your comfort: swivel, adjustable back rest angle, foldable footrest, gliding / rocking and an easy-to-adjust head and neck support.

Luxurious Feel:
For extra comfort, we have added a layer of soft, high-resilient polyurethane foam with fibres for a luxurious feel.

Cold-Cure Foam Cushioning:
For lasting comfort and durability, this space-age material, encasing the recliner steel frame and springs, is moulded to create a contoured silhouette, that holds its shape for the lifetime of the foam. Ensuring better ergonomic support for your body giving comfort that lasts.

Norwegian quality:
All IMG products meet the highest Norwegian quality standards. From the reclining mechanism, to the construction based on a hard wood and steel frame encased with our unique moulded foam. 

Materials: Hand selected premium quality leather, cold-cured foam, and a hardwood and steel frame.

Standard: 41.3" H x 33" W x 33.8" D

Large: 41.7" H x 35.4" W x 35.8" D

Seat Height: 18.5"
Seat Depth: 21.6"

Assembly Required: No