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Diamond Chair, Full Cover, Medium by Knoll

Our Price: $ 2,727.00 - $ 3,207.00
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A fully upholstered cover adds softness and texture to the graceful lines and industrial beauty of Harry Bertoia's classic Diamond Chair. Bertoia’s wire chair collection is among the most recognized achievements of mid-century modern design and a pro

Diamond Chair, Full Cover, Medium by Knoll

Our Price: $ 2,727.00 - $ 3,207.00

Bertoia Diamond Chair by Knoll
Medium Size, Full Cover with Glides

designed by Harry Bertoia

The Bertoia Diamond Chair is constructed of steel rods with chrome polish, and a seat cushion that attaches to the chair with lock snaps. Famed artist and sculptor Harry Bertoia created his line of home seating after a series of artistic experiments with bent metal and negative space. The result were some of the most beautiful, striking chairs ever created, and their enduring popularity and unceasing production (the Bertoia chairs have been produced without cessation for more than half a century) represents that rarest, most cherished marriage: critical and artistic breakthrough combined with public approval.

The Diamond Chair is paradoxical, and intentionally so. The steel rods that bend and join to create it's shape and frame are criss-crossed over each other in a beguiling and optically elusive pattern that bends in several directions while keeping it's symmetry. Another paradox is that it's a chair full of holes: the composition of the chair is given over mostly to space. Another paradox: while composed entirely of bent steel, the chair is very comfortable, another reason it has enjoyed such enduring popularity.

Winner of the American Certificate of Merit, 1955, the Bertoia Diamond Lounge chair is the top of the line for fine, modern, art-centric furniture.

Some fabrics are suitable for limited outside use with proper preventative maintenance and care.

Customer's own material may be used on the Bertoia Diamond Chair after being approved.

Many additional fabric lines are available upon request. Please call a Smart Furniture salesperson at 888-467-6278 to get started!

The frame of the Bertoia Diamond Chair is welded steel with rods polished in a satin chrome finish or bonded rilsan. The chair features stainless steel connections and four plastic glides.

Medium Diamond Chair
Overall: 30" h x 33.5" w x 28.25" d
Seat height: 16.5"