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Eames Executive Work Chair, Fabric by Herman Miller

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Short Description:
Also known as the Time-Life Chair, the Eames Executive Work Chair exudes style and authority in addition to being incredibly comfortable. An adjustable seat height ensures that any user will be comfortable in this large executive chair.

Eames Executive Work Chair, Fabric by Herman Miller

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Eames Executive Work Chair by Herman Miller
designed by Charles and Ray Eames

At A Glance:

The Eames Executive Work Chair was designed in 1960 for the lobby of the Time-Life Building, and so has been called the Time-Life Chair in addition to its Eames name. Exceptionally generous in size, this Eames classic has deep cushions and padded arms - unmistakable hallmarks of a chair steeped in rich tradition as well as elegant comfort.

The Executive Work Chair features the highest quality materials, such as any executive would expect in the home or office. The chair is large, but is appropriate for people of any size because of its adjustable seat height. Adjust your Eames Time-Life Chair to work well with your body type and desk size. The Eames Work Chair has a 5-Star base with a tilt and swivel mechanism that allows you to control how far back you want to go.

The highly polished aluminum armrests and seat base accentuate the high end style and sophistication of the Eames Executive Chair. Customize your Eames Time-Life Chair by choosing either a caster base or 0.5" glides. The base with glides is perfect for a room layout that calls for a stationary chair that remains in a set location. If you need an Eames Work Chair that allows for more mobility, smooth-rolling casters will let you roam from desk to desk in your office. When selecting a caster base for your carpeted surface, choose between chrome and black finishes.

What's To Like:
The Eames Executive Chair isn't designed solely for big business. The same statements of professionalism and confidence the chair provides for big corporations work equally as well for small companies. Comfort alone is the reason to have the Eames Work Chair in your office, but the sleek and classic design is a great way to send the message that you may be a smaller company, but you are ready to get the job done and compete with the big boys.

Besides the obvious reasons of comfort and design, when selecting the Eames Executive Work Chair for the office you are sending a message to your clients. The Eames Work Chair shows a level of sleek professionalism and confidence. It has a classic design that is recognized in top level professional buildings around the world. When the Eames Time-Life Chair is selected to surround the table in corporate conference rooms, this is a simple way to put clients and potential customers at ease during meetings. Let the room relax as conversations unfold and business deals are forged to advance the goals of your corporation. Company employees will be able to use the Eames Time-Life Chair to relax around the conference table while brainstorming the next great idea.

What's Not to Like:
We're not sure, but we bet you can find a cheaper chair. The real question is whether you want to or not. This is one killer executive chair, with comfort to spare. It's just high-end, and that's both a problem and an asset.

The Bottom Line:
Whether you're looking for a chair at home or one that makes a statement at the office, the Eames Executive Work Chair is an excellent choice. Classic styling meets relaxation and comfort in a chair that is the perfect fit for everyone. Select the Eames Time-Life Chair for your home or office today.

It may be worth noting that in an age where everything new is considered better, the Eames Time-Life Chair is a classic that continues to be popular. Solid construction blended with a timeless design is a combination that never goes out of style. Even though the Eames Executive Work Chair was designed in 1960, it has a style that never looks old or out of date. Excellent design and comfort are elements that are always sought after and continue to be in demand by designers and lovers of quality furniture.


  • Overall: 35.5" h (37" h with casters) x 26.5" w x 19.5" d
  • 5-star base, tilt-swivel mechanism, and seat-height adjustment
  • Polished aluminum frame and base
  • Seat has a 4.5" thick foam cushion
  • Back has two 3" thick foam cushions
  • Cushioned arms add extra luxurious comfort

The Herman Miller Eames Executive Work Chair is also known by the following manufacturer Item Numbers: ES204

Polished aluminum frame and 5-star base
Bingo fabric: 100 percent PVC-free polyurethane
Coil fabric: 100 percent recycled polyester
Crepe fabric: 100 percent recycled polyester

With casters: 37" h x 26.5" w x 19.5" d
With glides: 35.5" h x 26.5" w x 19.5" d
Eames Executive Chair with Casters Dimensions
Eames Executive Chair with Gildes Dimensions

Large, upholstery-covered buttons and edge details highlight the seat and back, and the highly polished aluminum contrasts with the high-quality fabric.

The Eames Executive Work Chair is available with casters or glides. Chair with glides includes 0.5" glides for hard floors or carpet.The adjustable seat height and tilt swivel add to the comfort.

This luxuriously upholstered task chair by Charles and Ray Eames features a contoured seat, back cushions, and padded armrests. The seat has a 4.5"-thick foam cushion and the back has 2 3"-thick foam cushions. It has a 5-star base, tilt-swivel mechanism, and seat-height adjustment.

Comfort. Style. Sophistication. These are the words that describe the Eames Executive Work Chair from Herman Miller. Designed in 1960 by Charles and Ray Eames for the Time-Life Building in New York City, the Eames Work Chair provides a soft and comfortable surface that allows you to sit back and relax while working at your desk. Settle in and surf the web or finish work on that important business project in comfort with the Eames Executive Chair. The deep cushions and padded arms are unmistakable calling cards of a chair steeped in rich tradition and history. Crafted from materials of exceptional quality, the Eames Executive Chair has everything required from a high end professional level chair.

Choose to upholster your Eames Work Chair in multiple fabric colors including Coil Twilight, Coil Hemlock, Coil Claret, Coil Molasses, Crepe Malt, Crepe Licorice and Crepe Smoke all crafted from 100 percent recycled polyester. Or select Bingo Root, Bingo Currant, Bingo Buff and Bingo Navy all made from 100 percent PVC-Free polyurethane.

The Eames Executive Work Chair features a back with two relaxing 3" thick foam cushions and upholstery-covered buttons and edge details. The seat is a comfortable 4.5” foam cushion that allows for comfortable sitting for long periods of time. The seat, back and armrests all have a contoured design that adds to the comfort level of the Eames Work Chair.