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Eames Molded Plastic Armchair with 4-Leg Base by Herman Miller

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Short Description:
The Eames Molded Plastic Armchair with 4-Leg Base is an upgrade to the classic molded plastic side chair. This larger chair with the inclusion of arms incorporates a molded plastic seat on top of a four leg base.

Eames Molded Plastic Armchair with 4-Leg Base by Herman Miller

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Herman Miller Eames Molded Plastic Armchair with 4-Leg Base
designed by Charles and Ray Eames

At A Glance: The Eames Molded Plastic Armchair is a bigger, more comfortable version of the classic Molded Plastic Side Chair. While you've often seen the side chair in school rooms and auditoriums, this model is a bit more substantial and supportive. Using revolutionary molding techniques, a series of different bases and their own renowned creative power, the Eames produced yet another classic with this beautiful variation.

What's To Like: The pedigree, the comfort, and the many different base options. Just having a piece of furniture designed by Charles and Ray is a thrill, but one that's especially comfortable and creatively accomplished is something of a coup. Comfortable and stylish - the cornerstones of modern design.

What's Not to Like: There is practically no give in the molded plastic, so attempting to use this chair as a recliner might not be a good idea. This is also not a great office chair - the back doesn't ventilate well, so after long hours of sitting there can be heat buildup.

The Bottom Line: A great twist on a classic, designed by the folks who made the original! Comfy, lovely, and full of color.31.125" h x 25" w x 23.75" d

Landmark Design
Organic shapes. A clean, simple form sculpted to fit the body; first presented at the Museum of Modern Art in 1948.

Popular today. The chairs have achieved a pervasive presence that proves the staying power of good design.

Thoughtful Engineering
Friendly to the earth. Shells are recyclable polypropylene.

Integral color. The shell of the DAX Chair is dyed throughout so colors remain vibrant even after years of hard use.

Cushioned contact. For extended comfort, the shell is connected to the base by rubber shock mounts.

Glide options. The standard glide is also available with felt to protect hard-surface floors.

New Materials
New materials, especially those that held promise for doing more with less, fascinated Charles and Ray Eames throughout their careers. Their fascination led to inventive modern furniture, such as the molded plastic chair. Designed in 1948, it was the first plastic chair to be mass produced.

The current models looks exactly the same as the originals. They remain unupholstered, in keeping with the Eameses requirement that materials be expressed honestly and unselfconsciously. In fact, these were the first one-piece plastic chairs to be left uncovered.

At the same time, the chairs are better than ever. For example, the shell is now manufactured using more environmentally friendly, high-impact plastic.

The Herman Miller Molded Plastic Chair is also known by the following manufacturer Item Numbers: DAX.


Single-piece molded shell with waterfall edges. Metal 4-leg base.

Overall: 31.125" h x 25" w x 23.75" d
Seat height: 17.125"
Arm height: 26"