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Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair, Fabric by Herman Miller

Our Price: $3,125.00
Our Sale: $ 2,656.25
Short Description:
With 2 inch thick foam pads and a curved aluminum frame the Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair combines incredible comfort with strength and durability and of course the brilliance of Charles and Ray Eames.
12 Year Warranty Authorized Herman Miller® Retailer Choice of Fabrics!

Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair, Fabric by Herman Miller

Our Price: $3,125.00
Our Sale: $ 2,656.25

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Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad™ Lounge Chair, Fabric
Tilt Swivel, 4-Cushion Backrest
by Charles and Ray Eames

Luxury, comfort and style. Three components that this Soft Pad Lounge Chair has an abundance of. This 4-cushion version of the Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair provides extra head, neck and shoulder support for increased comfort. Like other pieces from the Eames Soft Pad collection, this Lounge Chair features 2"-thick pads and a lightweight aluminum frame. The cushion of this soft pad lounge chair feature fabric upholstery, a more affordable, yet equally stylish, alternative to the more traditional leather upholstery.

Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair can also be purchased with the Eames Soft Pad Ottoman.

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This final chair was made just for the home. While it has uses in the office environment, Charles and Ray wanted to get away from the strictly corporate tone of the executive and management chairs and get into something more homey, more relaxing, and more comfortable. The lounge chair is just that. Using the same materials as the other chairs in the series, the rich leather and the polished aluminum elegantly padded with thick, upholstered cushioning, the lounge chair goes to a different place. Rather than convey seriousness, business, and management, this chair conveys relaxation, rest, and fellowship.

It's reclined, unlike the other chairs in the series (which can recline, but aren't permanently set in that position). It's also got a much longer back, more cushions, and a generally more stretched out, cat-like feel. It also has an ottoman, to allow the chair to serve close to the same way a traditional recliner would. This is a chair you can kick back in, eat in while you watch the game, sleep in when you need a quick nap, read in, watch movies and TV in, etc. Anything you'd want to do in your living room or family space, this very beautiful and even more comfortable chair can do with you. The ottoman that comes with the chair is given the same treatment as the rest of the chairs in the series. It's beautifully upholstered in rich leather and structured with polished, shiny aluminum. The effect is stunning, as it always is, and inviting, as it always is. This is an elegant lounge chair that you can be in-elegant in; a lounge chair with all the history of tradition of Charles and Ray Eames and Herman Miller that can also serve as a place to nap in your pajamas. Get comfortable; you're in an Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair.

In the home, the best place to deploy this chair is the living room, sitting room, den or family room. Whatever you call it, that's the perfect place for this particular piece of furniture. It's going to keep you comfortable and keep in style as well, and that's the perfect description for the perfect lounge chair. It also meshes well with most design schemes; the colors are muted and the materials are not too specific to sit well in nearly any environment. But this chair could also work in your bedroom, or in your kids' room or guest room; anywhere where someone might want to take a break from their day and simply relax, read, or think. Always comfortable and always beautiful, it's a chair anyone can enjoy. You could even position it under windows or in well-covered outdoor spaces, and lay back as you watch nature unfold. No matter what room your want your Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair to go in, it won't disappoint you in either form or function.

In the office, this chair would really only be of use in particularly luxurious, or particularly large, offices. The kind of office where you could nap without being disturbed, for instance. Depending on your business, it could be an interesting addition to the lobby area, where customers or clients might enjoy it. But in general, this is a design for the home, not the corporate office.

The Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad Group Lounge Chair is also known by the following manufacturer Item Numbers: EA433, EA438.

Lightweight aluminum frame and 2"-thick upholstered foam cushions.

Upholstery Materials:

Gem: 100 antimony-free polyester
Slideshow: 56 recycled polyester, 44 polyester
Moire: 100 recycled polyester
Railroad: 100 recycled polyester
Cygnus: 69 elastomeric, 31 polyester

Overall: 38.5" h x 26" w x 31" d
Seat height: 16.25"

Distinctive Aesthetic
Unmistakable look. Soft Pad cushions add a plush, luxurious touch.

Classic and contemporary. The chairs' clean, trim lines make them appropriate for all kinds of places, from contemporary homes to elegant offices to hip startups.

Inventive Comfort
Sitting comfort. Soft Pad seating add 2-inch-thick foam cushions for comfort and a different look.

Strong aluminum: With one-piece, curved aluminum side ribs and an aluminum base, the chair is strong, yet lightweight and easy to move.

Design Story
The Aluminum Group initially was designed for Irwin Miller, founder of Cummins Engines, in Columbus, Indiana. Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard designed the Miller home and challenged Charles and Ray Eames to develop a high-quality seating product for outdoor use.

Known for their honest use of materials, the Eameses constructed the chairs with cast aluminum and first conceived of a seat frame to support stretched fabric--a synthetic mesh (woven saran). Although the mesh was discontinued shortly after its introduction, Herman Miller reintroduced a new mesh material for the Aluminum Group in 2001. Called Cygnus, it is similar to the Aeron chair's Pellicle fabric in its aeration and translucent qualities.

The seat-back suspension was a major technical achievement and represented a departure from the concept of the chair as a solid shell.

Wonderfully comfortable, the chairs became the basis for several other Eames designs, including the Soft Pad chair group.

This is a chair meant clearly for the home. It's the biggest in the collection, with the most padding and the longest back. It's also set in a permanent recline, making it great for leisure activities like reading, watching TV or movies, or just taking a quick nap. This isn't a chair that really has much of a home in the office, and it's clearly meant for the living room. The ottoman that comes with it is handsome and comfy as well, and it's as close to a recliner as you can get while still remaining fine furniture.

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