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Eames Storage Unit by Herman Miller, 1 x 1

Our Price: $ 795.00
Short Description:
The Eames Storage Unit combines storage and display space with artistic design and eye-catching materials. Originally introduced in 1950 the Herman Miller Eames Storage Unit destroys the traditional notions of storage space.
5 Year Warranty Beautiful Mid Century Design Iconic Display Piece

Eames Storage Unit by Herman Miller, 1 x 1

Our Price: $ 795.00

Eames Storage Unit, 1 x 1
by Herman Miller
designed by Charles and Ray Eames

At A Glance:
The Eames Storage Unit is true to the inventive originals introduced in 1950. Designed as both storage place and display cabinet, it is a striking example of how Charles and Ray Eames extended the boundaries of design to create a new modern aesthetic for the office and home. Long before "modularity" and "high tech" entered the design lexicon, Charles and Ray Eames were using industrial production techniques to provide ample storage, work, and display space. Available in Vibrant or Neutral color scheme.


  • Overall: 20.5" h x 24.5" w x 16" d
  • Offered in two color schemes: neutrals or brights
  • Birch veneer
  • Top has a clear finish; shelf has a black stain
  • Uprights and cross-supports are zinc-coated steel
  • Shelf is smooth plywood
  • Side panel is painted hardboard
  • Feet have nylon glides
  • Storage units are composed of cases, cabinets, and drawers in five configurations and four sizes
  • Each configuration is offered in two color schemes: neutrals or brights

The Herman Miller Eames Storage Unit, 1 x 1 is also known by the following manufacturer Item Number: ESU150.

Uprights, cross-supports, and perforated panels are zinc-coated steel; shelves are molded plywood; case side and back panels are painted hardboard.

Overall: 20.5" h x 24.5" w x 16" d
The Eames Storage Unit
The Eames Storage Unit is a partner piece to the Eames Desk. However, it stands alone as an icon of design and utility in itself. This is a quality much of the Charles and Ray Eames oeuvre shares, that of individual parts, excellently designed in and of themselves, able to come together to form and equally attractive whole. The storage unit on it's own is beautiful, and the same goes for the desk; but together, the create a harmony and a more expansive sense of designed space. They are, in a phrase, perfect mates - complimentary in many ways, different enough to stand on their own. They share the same sense of play, the same sense of mixed material and vibrant color, and the same sense of stylization. They're simple, direct, elegant, and they get the job done, aesthetically as well as functionally.

The materials in the Eames Storage Unit are similar to the ones used in the desk. Charles and Ray used the same colored panels (or the same colored panel concept) as they did with the desk. However, they did add several panels that aren't brightly colored, and instead show their difference through patterns and engraved shapes. The overall look is somewhat grander than the desk, a larger canvas, but with many of the same ideas and a few new ones to give this storage unit it's own flavor and sense of self.

The sizes of the desk and the storage unit are different, as is the construction. With an Eames Storage Unit, several storage options are available for the user. There are drawers, cabinets, and large open spaces for display or storage. Part of the charm of the set is how it defies conventional or singular use; it's a multipurpose work of interior design, and it's at home not only as a storage cabinet, but also as a piece of art, a book shelf, a display shelf, or a serious filing system. You could easily outfit your storage unit with The options available in the literal storage compartments withing the piece are reflected in the options available to the user for the piece; it can be used in almost any way, in any space, in any home.

Of course, the similarity to the Eames Desk makes the Eames Storage Unit perfect as a furniture mate to the desk. When put together, the two pieces create a stunning and unified effect. Many offices, both home and corporate, have seen the addition of the Eames furniture to their space improve it's look, feel, and functionality. And that's all this furniture was ever meant to do; improve your space, improve your work, and improve, in whatever small way, your life.

Different Sizing
Eames Storage Unit comes in several different sizes, so it can fit in any space. Even the smallest storage unit brings a splash of color and much needed functionality to the home or corporate office.
In all, both the Eames Desk and the Eames Storage Unit are worthy and beautiful additions to Herman Miller's impeccable roster of home office furniture and design.