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Eames Walnut Stool B by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 1,295.00
Short Description:
The Herman Miller Eames Walnut Stool was designed by Charles and Ray Eames. The sculptural piece can be used a stool or an accent table. The solid walnut construction it is made of gives it a warm and rustic tone. Three designs are available.

Eames Walnut Stool B by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 1,295.00

Eames Walnut Stool (B) by Herman Miller
designed by Charles and Ray Eames

Eames Walnut Stool At A Glance:
Ray Eames drew on her training as a sculptor to design a new kind of occasional piece for the lobby of the Time-Life Building in New York City, and the resulting Eames walnut stools became her favorite seats, being liberally scattered about the Charles and Ray Eames home in Pacific Palisades.

A museum curator once ordered two of these stools for his son and daughter. "Graduation gifts?" he was asked. "No," he said, "the kids are only five and three. But I want them to have the experience of growing up with something truly good that they can keep all their lives."

Very rarely does something so small demand so much attention. Available in three distinct styles, these solid walnut stools possess an old-world charm combined with the intricate craftsmanship of modern design. Their beautiful silhouettes stand whether they are used as stools or end tables.

Shape B shown here (shape A and shape C also available).

What's To Like:
The stools are the very definition of Functional Art. They feature three looks, with the center section of the stool coming in three distinctively sculpted profiles. The top surface and smaller bottom surface are both concave, making it possible to situate them with either side up.

What's Not to Like:
Being made from finished walnut wood, the stool is beautiful - and can be scuffed if you slide it around on the floor. Take care to lift it when you're moving it, and you'll be able to avoid that problem.

The Bottom Line:
Works of art, the Eames walnut stools are heirloom-quality, compactly sized, and give off an air of understated luxury. They fit in perfectly in really any decor style, due to their sculptural quality that can't be placed in any particular design era.


  • Overall: 15" h x 13.25" diameter (bottom diameter 11.25")
  • Arm height: 22.75"
  • Solid walnut construction
  • Three sculptural designs available

The Herman Miller Eames Walnut Stool is also known by the following manufacturer Item Numbers: 411, 412, 413.

Eames Stool DimensionsMaterials:
Solid walnut construction

Overall: 15" h x 13.25" diameter