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Element 790 LED Light by Humanscale

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The Humanscale Element 790 LED Light combines environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes with incredible function.

Element 790 LED Light by Humanscale

Our Price: $ 337.00
+ Free Shipping


Element 790 LED Light by Humanscale

The Element 790 represents the next generation of environmentally sustainable, ergonomic task lights. Its name is Humanscale's way of saying that their new task light throws down 90 watts of illumination while using just 7 watts of power. Its numerous features represent a compilation of recent innovations in the field of task lighting, and are an upgrade over the original Element Light. With unmatched flexibility, the Element 790 Light has an extremely ergonomic design. It is also the first of its kind to meet the Department of Energy's criteria for an LED task light.

Element 790 Features:

  • An upgrade of 50 percent more light output than the original Element light - now produces the equivalent of 90 watts of incandescent lighting
  • Revolutionary MCX LED Technology - the first LED light to use a single-element multi-chip LED eliminates the multiple-shadow effect, a problem common with traditional LED lights
  • Dimmer switch allows 10 levels of illumination, allowing you to save more energy
  • Neutral white 3500 Kelvin light consumes only 7 watts of power
  • 60,000 lifespan with a replaceable LED bulb
  • Pivot/swivel points at the base, stem, and head yield unmatched adjustability
  • Counterbalance design makes adjusting the Element Light's position extremely easy (it can be moved with 1 finger), with no locking mechanisms or knobs to turn
  • Compact design folds up easily when not in use, meaning the Element fits under overhead bins and takes up a minimum amount of desk space when not in use
  • 360-degree swivel mechanism from the base allows you to twist the direction of the light anywhere you want
  • 19 mounting options to suit any working environment (call us to hear about all the options)
  • 135-degree front-to-back head tilt and 90-degree side-to-side head rotation for exceptional personal lighting flexibility
  • Series of "fins" shed heat to prevent overly hot temperatures, a common problem for many task lights. The Element Light stays cool to the touch.

Select from three base styles:

The Humanscale Element 790 Light eliminates this ergonomic problem through its adjustable design and its MCX LED Technology.You may be surprised to hear a desk lamp described as "ergonomic", but in fact, many ergonomics-related health issues, such as poor posture and eyestrain, result from inadequate lighting. When the amount of light cannot be adjusted, say, for instance, when overhead incandescent lighting is used, the worker must adjust his or her body accordingly. This often results in Computer Vision Syndrome- a condition affecting up to 90 percent of computer users, causing eyestrain, dry eyes, blurred sight, and headaches.

Traditional LED desk lamps cast multiple shadows across a work surface due to the number of bulbs, resulting in unnecessary eyestrain. With advanced MCX LED technology, the Humanscale Element Light mimics the light footprint of a traditional single-source bulb and casts just one shadow.

Read our guide to ergonomic lighting to see what makes it different from standard task lighting.

Element 790 Light DimensionsMaterials:
  • Recycled aluminum and plastic

    • Total arm length: 28"
    • Working height: 18"
    • Base: 3.3" h x 8" w
    • Head: 3.5" w
    • Weight: 3.2 pounds
    • Color temperature: 3500K
    • Power consumption: 7 watts
    • Swivel: 360 degrees
    • Head tilt: 135 degrees front-to-back
    • Head rotation: 90 degrees side-to-side