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Freedom Chair by Humanscale

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With advanced ergonomic design and original style, the Freedom Chair is a winner for any office.

Freedom Chair by Humanscale

Our Price: $ 1,299.00
+ Free Shipping


Humanscale Freedom Task Chair
designed by Niels Diffrient

Designed to complement any space and integrate effortlessly into the modern office, the Freedom task chair offers comfort, style and complete ease of use. Created by Niels Diffrient and winner of more than 10 design awards, the Freedom task chair uses the laws of physics and the sitter’s body weight to provide instant, custom support for every sitter. This perfect balance allows the user to effortlessly move, but be fully supported in each position. As a result, users change postures often, which leads to a more healthy and comfortable sitting experience.

Humanscale stands for ergonomic furniture. The Freedom Chair is what you might call their Magnum Opus (thus far).

Designed by Niels Diffrient- a man responsible for major advances in the field of ergonomics in the last few decades- the Freedom Chair is held together by a single idea: that sitting down should be simple and comfortable at the same time. This guiding principle has served Humanscale well, as its ergonomic chairs have become standouts in the design world and the office chair market.

Goodbye Manual Adjustments
The Freedom Chair has a self-adjusting Dual Pivot backrest that supports the lumbar area of your back no matter how much you're sitting forward or how much you're reclining. There's no back stop, no tension adjustment. There is a height adjustment on the back of the chair, and once you've set this to fit the lumbar area of your back, you can stop thinking about how to adjust your chair's controls to make it more comfortable.

Revolutionary Counterbalance Mechanism
The Freedom Chair was meant to be reclined in. Niels Diffrient once stated that the most ergonomic seating position is to be laying down. Since that's unfortunately not an option at home or in the office, the next best thing is to lean back in your Freedom Chair. Its groundbreaking counterbalance mechanism automatically supplies the optimal amount of recline tension for your body weight and size.

Why gel seats are superior to foam seats

  • Gel Seats distribute pressure better than foam seats. After 90 minutes of sitting, gel seats release 60% less max pressure than foam seats. This is because gel behaves more like a liquid than a solid, so as pressure builds in one area, it disperses to low-pressure areas, thus distributing weight proactively.
  • A longer lifespan means long-lasting comfort. Gel seats have a much longer lifespan than traditional foam cushion seats. Foam breaks down over time, forming a cavity that prevents movement on the part of the sitter. Gel on the other hand, is non-static, and encourages movement.
  • Set atop a thin layer of polyurethane foam, the Technogel layer provides outstanding shock absorption and distributes pressure evenly across the seat- making those long hours of sitting much more comfortable.
The graphite and titanium bases are made of hard plastic to match the plastic frame of the chair. The base is also available in polished aluminum.

The seat comes in standard foam or Technogel (even better than a bicycle seat) over a thin polyurethane foam.

Armpads are available with Duron covers over foam (Duron is a soft urethane plastic material)or gel. Both Duron and gel armpads are available with or without upholstery to match your seat.

Seat depth: 16.25" - 18.5"
Seat height: 16" - 21" (standard); 15.25" - 19.5" (low); 17" - 22.25" (tall)
Seat width: 21"
Backrest height: 18" - 21"
Chair width: 27.25"
Armrest height: 5" - 11"
Armrest length: 13" (standard); 14.25" (advanced)
Distance between armrests: 20" (standard); 11.5" - 21.5" (advanced)
Height (no headrest): 33.5" - 41.5"
Base diameter: 25"
Backrest width: 21"