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FYI Clamp Monitor Arm by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 290.00
+ Free Shipping

FYI Clamp Monitor Arm by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 290.00
+ Free Shipping

FYI Clamp Monitor Arm
by Steelcase

The FYI Monitor Arm supports flat panel monitors in a workstation environment - particularly important to users in workstation environments which offer limited space and/or require ease of adjustment for more than one viewer. Height adjustable within a range of 11.5", The FYI Monitor Arm has 24" of focal extension. FYI also has 180-degree rotation around the base axis, 360-degree rotation around the lower arm axis, and 160-degrees of pan adjustability. Supports monitor weights from 5 to 20 lb with a sturdy zinc die-cast construction.

FYI is simply one of the most adjustable monitor arms you'll find out there. Strong enough for most any screen and flexible enough to mount to almost any desk, FYI is like the ATV of monitor arms. This monitor arm is a smart buy if you have a single-monitor setup and need the premier adjustability that FYI provides.


  • 15" h x 24" w
  • Built-in counter-balance tool so the user can easily counter-balance the monitor
  • Integrated cable management
  • Quick-Connect capability for easy connection (or disconnection) of a monitor
  • Additional screw included to provide monitor security
  • Anti-dislodgement feature
  • Rotation allows for landscape or portrait viewing of monitors
  • Tilt mechanism operates through a range of 20 degrees backward tilt and 30 degrees forward tilt
  • Ships standard with both the 75mm and 100mm VESA-compliant mounting plates


Die-cast Zinc

15" h x 24" w

Weight load:
Supports monitors from 5 to 20 lbs