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Gesture Chair, Leather, by Steelcase

Our Price: $1,925.00
Our Sale: $ 1,636.25
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Authorized Steelcase Retailer 12 Year Warranty

Gesture Chair, Leather, by Steelcase

Our Price: $1,925.00
Our Sale: $ 1,636.25
+ Free Shipping

designed by Steelcase Design Studio

The GESTURE Chair is built to move, and designed specifically to support the wide range of working postures that have appeared since the advent of the smart phone and the tablet. We work - at home and in the office - differently now than we ever have. And the GESTURE Chair's purpose is to help us work more comfortably.

What's To Like:

  • Articulating Arms
    The Steelcase GESTURE Chair has arms with four moving parts, and that allows them to be more adjustable than the arms of any other task chair. They can be kept low and out of the way - or they can be raised to nearly mid-chest and brought in front of your body. That allows them to serve as an elbow support when you need to work with a tablet or smartphone for any length of time. We can't stress enough how cool these arms are. They rock.
  • Synchronized Back and Seat
    The GESTURE Chair's seat and back move together (Steelcase calls it a "synchronized system") to cradle you as you lean back or forward. GESTURE's back gives you room to stretch, being flexible enough to bend as you lean back farther. The seat tilts slightly as well. But it doesn't tilt nearly as much as the back. That lesser tilt enables you to keep your feet planted on the floor and creates a sitting pocket so you don't feel like you're sliding off the task chair's seat when you lean back.
  • Flexible Seat Edge
    GESTURE's seat has a flexible edge all the way around, enabling you to comfortably sit in nearly any posture you can think of. Steelcase has taken comfort all the way to the edges of this capable task chair's seat.


Smart Furniture is a authorized Steelcase retailer! This means we're official. At Smart Furniture, we sell new factory-direct items complete with Steelcase's own warranty. You can purchase confidently from Smart Furniture knowing you'll be receiving genuine Steelcase product.

GESTURE Chair Features:
  • Optional fully adjustable arms articulate up, down, in, and out
  • Armpads swivel for flexible support
  • Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Tilt limiter/seat angle adjustment
  • Steel five-star caster base
  • Two back styles: plastic shell or seat fabric wrapped
  • Flexible backrest
  • Two leather options, Standard or Elmosoft
  • 12 Year Warranty


Base and Frame: Powder-coated steel, glass-reinforced nylon, polypropylene
Elmosoft Leather: Soft and pliable Semi-Aniline leather known for its comfort and durability. Natural markings add to the elegant quality of Elmosoft Leather.

Overall: 39"-44" h x 22.25"-34" w x 22.5"-24" d
Seat height: 16" to 21"
Depth: 15.75" - 18.5" adjustable seat depth

Adjustment Instructions

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