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M5 Ergonomic Gaming Chair by Mavix

Our Price: $ 555.00
Short Description:
Bold styling. Quality ergonomics. The Mavix M5 is the future of gaming at an affordable price.
12 Year Warranty Adjustable Headrest Dynamic Variable Lumbar

M5 Ergonomic Gaming Chair by Mavix

Our Price: $ 555.00

M5 Gaming Ergonomic Gaming Chair
by Mavix

The M5 by Mavix take the M series to the next level by adding standard Infinite Locking Position Recline and Two Way Adjustable Arms to better dial in your perfect gaming comfort.

Designed to express your individuality, the Mavix M5 keeps you cool while you game in style. Unlike foam which compresses throughout the day and puts extra pressure on the sensitive pressure points that cause pain and discomfort – Mavix Mesh suspends you over the air with a layer of mesh. As a result, the seat is more breathable, durable, and comfortable than any foam seat. The backrest and headrest are also made with Mavix Mesh Technology for ultimate comfort. 



  • Dynamic Variable Lumbar adjusts itself to your body every time you move
  • Infinite Locking Position Recline
  • The Two Way Adjustable Arms on the M5 easily move up and down and swivel in and out for comfort at your setup.
  • Adjustable Head & Neck Support
  • The M5 comes standard with Locking Wheel Casters. Stay in one place while gaming by the click of a button and release when ready to roll about your space
  • Optional ELEMAX technology brings heating, cooling and massage to your X-Chair




Dimensions & Measurements

Introducing ELEMAX

Level up your MAVIX Gaming Chair with an ELEMAX. This powerful tool comes with dual fans to keep you cool, fast-warming technology to relax your muscles, and therapeutic massage to cut the edge.

  • Body temperature regulation
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Speeds Muscle Recovery
  • Relaxes and Soothes Stiff Muscles
  • Heightens Productivity and Focus
  • Boosts Energy




About Mavix


Mavix was created for gamers looking for a better solution than the traditional race car seat gaming chair. Developed by a partnership combining a team with over twenty years of experience designing ergonomic office chairs and a group of endemic gamers, Mavix has carefully crafted an ergonomic gaming solution that breaks the mold of previous gaming chairs.

No matter how ergonomic, office chairs are missing key features – like deep recline, cooling technology and locking wheels that are important in a high quality gaming chair. Over the past 12-18 months, the Mavix team developed new chair controls and seating surfaces, and worked on a clean and futuristic look to create the world’s finest highly-ergonomic gaming chair company – Mavix was born.


Care & Maintenance


MAVIX’s 12-year warranty is the best in the gaming chair business. Every MAVIX chair is individually quality control tested. All models are made with Class 4 heavy-duty gas cylinders that will stand up to the most formidable and long-playing users. All of our materials – our mesh, foams, plastics, metals, and mechanisms – are of the highest quality, and designed to stand the test of time.

Most people choose the fully-adjustable arms because it allows you to rest your shoulders and maintain an ergonomic positure regardless of your height or desk.

Aeron comes standard with matching vinyl armpads. You can upgrade to leather armpads.

Regardless of the tilt option selected, Aeron has a knob that allows you to set the tension of leaning back in the chair.

Standard Tilt
Standard Tilt comes with a tilt tension knob that allows you to adjust the amount of effort needed to recline comfortably while feeling balanced and supported. It does not have a tilt limiter mechanism.

Tilt Limiter
Tilt Limiter lets you limit the recline range between fully upright and fully reclined. The tension control lets you adjust the amount of effort needed to recline comfortably while feeling balanced and supported. Recline range can be adjusted to one of three settings: upright, mid-, and full-recline.

Tilt Limiter & Seat Angle
Tilt Limiter lets you limit the recline range between fully upright and fully reclined. The tension control lets you adjust the amount of effort needed to recline comfortably while feeling balanced and supported. Recline range can be limited at one of three postures: upright, mid-recline, or full-recline. Seat Angle Adjustment changes the angle of the seat from horizontal to a 5-degree forward tilt for people who sit at a slightly forward angle as they work.

The most common reason for return is people choosing the standard tilt instead of the tilt limiter and seat angle configuration.

Zonal Back Support
Zonal Back Support is provided by the 8Z Pellicle material in the backrest.

Adjustable Lumbar Support
Adjusts to support the natural curve of the lumbar region of your spine. Lumbar support can be adjusted vertically over a 4.5-inch range.

Adjustable PostureFit SL Support
SL refers to the sacral/lumbar region of the spine or the base of the spine up to the midback. Two individual pads flex independently; the top pad supports your lumbar, the bottom stabilizes your sacrum. System can be adjusted to fit the curve of your spine.

X-Wheel Blade Casters
Featuring 100% rubberized blade wheels and a free ball-bearing core, X-Wheel Blade Casters are quieter and smoother. They work better on hardwood and pile carpet alike, and they are more gentle on tile, hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and almost any surface. Ball-bearing swivels spin easily, preventing scuffing and scratching. And they look great! Simply put, for a small investment you can upgrade your chair's performance and enhance your seating experience.


Counter Height: 45.6 in - 49.25 in Adjustable Seat Height: 24.75 in - 29.25 in. Bar Height: 49 in - 54.5 in. Adjustable Seat Height: 28 in - 34.25 in