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Multi-Function Extending Table SM 101 by Skovby

Our Price: $ 2,119.00
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Short Description:
The Skovby SM 101 Multi-Function Extending Table is a table meant for small places. It features two fold-down table ends with a center compartment for kitchen storage. A reversible panel in the top center functions as a steel trivet on one side.

Multi-Function Extending Table SM 101 by Skovby

Our Price: $ 2,119.00
+ Free Shipping

Skovby Multi-Function Extending Table SM 101

For their next trick, the magicians at Skovby have created a small scale kitchen table that can extend to seat four or six people, collapse to serve just one or two, and open to reveal a two decker drawer for storing dinner ware, napkins, decorations, or anything else you can think of to store. This table is all about saving space, and making the most of every inch of it.

What's to Like:

If you're operating out of an apartment or a smaller kitchen or dining room than you'd like (and who isn't?) this this is a perfect table. It's a dining surface, a storage solution, and a big and a small table all in one.

What's Not to Like:

Because this is a smaller version of a Skovby table, you won't be able to fit large parties around it. This is more of a standard kitchen table.

Bottom Line:

This is the Swiss Army Knife of kitchen and dining room tables. It even has a can opener!*

*It doesn't.

This space-saving table is more than just another piece of furniture - it's three in one! Fold up one of the lift-up leaves and you've got space for a quiet meal with one other person; fold up both and add two more people to your party, with storage for all your dining utensils cleverly built into the base of the table. Born from a need to make the most of space, the Multi-Function Extending Table achieves its purpose admirably. Some assembly required.

Multi-Function Table Features:

  • Seats up to 4 people
  • Storage in base holds whatever you'd like - 2 wire shelves included
  • Fold down both leaves to minimize the footprint of the table and maximize space

Table Top and Base: Wood material with wood veneer

Base: 16" w x 31.5" d x 29" h
Top with one leaf open: 43" w x 31.5" d x 29" h
Top with two leaves open: 70" w x 31.5" d x 29" h

Product Weight:
138 lb

Assembly Required:
Yes, light assembly required