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Nelson Propeller Bubble Pendant by Herman Miller

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Short Description:
The Nelson Propeller Bubble Pendant, a sculpted, angular-twisting ceiling lamp, will add charm to any room as it gives off warm, diffused light overhead. The timeless Nelson Bubble Lamps, designed in 1952, beautifully complement contemporary interior

Nelson Propeller Bubble Pendant by Herman Miller

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Nelson Propeller Bubble Pendant
by Herman Miller

At A Glance:
George Nelson designed his famous Nelson Bubble Lamps in 1952. Inspired by silken Swedish hanging lamps, he used newer technologies to replicate the gentle white light that he found so entrancing. Consisting of a sturdy metal frame and plastic shell, these famous light fixtures appear soft yet durable. The organic shape and neutral white color further adds to the timeless and approachable silhouette that these lamps will bring to your home or office.

Gently oscillating wing shapes surround the circumference of the Nelson Propeller Bubble Pendant Lamp. Reminiscent of a plane's front propeller, this particular Nelson Bubble lamp has a less organic quality to it than it's more rotund bretheren. Futuristic yet classic, this lamp is great for minimalist and futuristic homes and apartments.

Part of the Herman Miller Lighting Collection.


  • Overall Dimensions: 15" h x 20.5" w x 20.5" d
  • Pendants come with a brushed, nickel-plated steel ceiling plate measuring 5.25 inches. Bulb is not included.
  • Pendants come in 8 unique bubble styles: Apple, Ball (three sizes), Large Bell, Cigar (four sizes), Lantern, Pear (two sizes), Propeller, and Saucer (four sizes).
  • Pendants come with a 10-foot cord. 
  • Product is UL-listed and rated for bulbs up to 150 watts, except for the small Saucer which is rated for a 60 watt bulb.
  • Designed by George Nelson
  • Original production was in 1952

Materials: Plastic coating over a steel wire-frame, brushed, nickel-plated steel

Overall: 15" h x 20.5" w x 20.5" d

Assembly Required: Yes