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Nelson Tall Outdoor Table by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 3,295.00
Short Description:
The Herman Miller® Nelson® Tall Outdoor End Table is a perfect addition to your outdoor or patio space. It comes in several beautiful Marble tops, all built to withstand the weather.
Authorized Herman Miller® Retailer 5 Year Warranty

Nelson Tall Outdoor Table by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 3,295.00

Nelson® Tall Outdoor End Table by Herman Miller®
designed by George Nelson

At A Glance:
The Nelson Outdoor End Table will help bring some style and class to your outdoor seating area. This outdoor end table from George Nelson and Herman Miller comes with a stone top in your choice of marble or granite that will stand up to the elements year after year. The stone surface rests atop a sculpted metal base, all supported by adjustable glides that will help keep your table level and sturdy on uneven surfaces.

Of the three Nelson Outdoor Pedestal Tables, this piece is the largest. With its 21.5" height and 28.5" diameter top, this Nelson Outdoor Table can function as a large end table, a cafe table, or even a high coffee table.

What's To Like:
From the graceful base to the beautifully proportionate stone top, we love the Nelson Pedestal Table's design. Forget practicality - sure, it's a table and can hold your drinks with aplomb - but this side table's all about the look. And it's a dang smooth look.

The Bottom Line:
The Nelson Outdoor Pedestal Table is beautiful, richly appointed, and an icon of the mid-century modern era. It's immediately recognizable for the enduring quality of its design, and will be an heirloom-quality feature anywhere you put it - on the patio, or indoors.


  • Overall: 21.5" high x 28.5" diameter
  • Top is .75" thick
  • Powder-coated metal column and base in white or graphite satin
  • Marble or granite top
  • Top is cut to order and finished with a knife edge derived from Nelson's original design
  • Adjustable glides provide stability

Table Surface Options:

  • Georgia White Marble was used by Daniel Chester French for his sculpture of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial
  • Georgia Grey Marble comes from the quarry that produced the marble used in the 2004 renovation of the Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • Wisconsin Black Marble is a unique dark stone, speckled with lustrous green and grey veins

The Herman Miller Nelson Outdoor Table is also known by the following manufacturer Item Number: 54535

3/4"-thick stone top with knife edge in granite or marble
Sculpted metal base
Adjustable glides on base

28.5" W x 21.5" H x 28.5" D

Environmental Information:
These Eco-friendly tables are made of 21 recycled materials and are 99 recyclable. The steel and aluminum components used are 100 recyclable.

Herman Miller is all about bringing the very best of classic design into modern homes and offices. Our stable of modern design giants is unrivaled, and includes luminaries such as George Nelson, one of the founders of classic modern American design. Some of Nelson's most famous designs, and indeed his most famous shapes, can be found among his tables. Beautiful, stately, and yet at the same time contemporary and even playful, these tables have truly stood the test of time.

One of his greatest designs was the Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor, which he created to great acclaim in 1954. The table was beautiful, but as time advanced some of the materials in it became impractical. Herman Miller has made it their mission to make much of their classic furniture viable on the contemporary market, and a big part of that is updating the materials without affecting the overall design or compromising the integrity of the original pieces. Such is the case with the now re-introduced Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor.

The new version of this classic piece of furniture has been proofed against the vagaries of weather and outdoor abuse with new stone tops sourced from the highest quality quarries in the world. These new tops are strong and hardy, and they also happen to be among the most beautiful stone tops on the market today. The new table serves as a capable surface for any outdoor activity, from cocktail hour to barbecue and swim time. The table comes in two different heights and in a few different sizes, giving you more of a say in exactly what type of table you will get and exactly how it can be used most effectively. The table tops are fine North American stone, and works of art in and of themselves.

The most important choice modern Herman Miller designers had to make was which type of stone to use for the table tops. It had to fulfill a lot of requirements, both aesthetic, functional, and environmental. The stone itself would have to be harvest according to high environmental standards, a code that everyone at Herman Miller lives by. The stone would have to be able to stand up to all kinds of weather in the great outdoors. It would also have to be American, have plenty of its own unique character, and work perfectly with the existing design, which could not be altered in any significant way without losing what makes it a classic in the first place. Tough to do, but our dedicated designers found what they needed.

All of the stone used in these beautiful tables come from North America. Two of the quarries are in Georgia, one is in Wisconsin, and the last is in Quebec, our sister city to the north. All of the quarries have been used in the past for some of the nation's most important and stunning buildings, including the Lincoln Memorial and the John Hancock Building in Chicago, Illinois. The colors are cataloged by location and hue. They are Georgia Grey Marble, Georgia White Marble, Wisconsin Black Marble, and Quebec Graphite Granite.

The stone is cut to be 2 centimeters thick, and then a special knife is used to cut the edge in exactly the way that George Nelson intended it to look. The Nelson Outdoor Pedestal Table is in form and function exactly as it was when it was first debuted in 1954. It is a classic, and now it always will be.

Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to outdoor table. That is why the Nelson Outdoor Pedestal Tables are offered in several diameters and several different heights. You can get the perfect table for you and your outdoor space, and you get to choose the height, diameter, and color/character of the top. At Smart Furniture we are proud to offer our customers a hand in the design of the furniture they buy, and this product is no exception. Get your table today!