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Pi Coffee Table by Blu Dot

Our Price: $ 595.00
Short Description:
Slices of powder-coated steel team with solid walnut or white ash legs to achieve eye-catching results.

Pi Coffee Table by Blu Dot

Our Price: $ 595.00

Pi Coffee Table
by Blu Dot

Pi Coffee Table At A Glance:
Radiating from an open pentagonal junction in the center of the table, the Pi Coffee Table's solid walnut base encloses five slices of powder-coated steel. It's an appealing combination, with the pentagon junction being repeated on the bottom of the base. We're not sure if the name is derived from the "slice" appearance of the table surface or the mathematical ratio of circumference to diameter. Either way, it looks cool. Grab a piece of the Pi for yourself (we couldn't resist).

What's To Like:
It's the best of both worlds - a coffee table that features the look and feel of wood and the impervious nature of steel. The slate-grey top is ready to hold your drinks without worry of moisture staining it. And this round table won't get in your way, either, since it's got no corners to run into.

What's Not to Like:
You'll only be able to dislike the Pi Coffee Table if you're expecting something else. Want an all-wood table? Pi features steel too. Want a square table? Sorry, this isn't it. At least you know what you're dealing with right off the bat with Pi.

The Bottom Line:
A creative fusion of elements, the Pi Coffee Table is sturdy, sized for most living rooms, and looks like a much more expensive table.


  • Overall dimensions: 14" h x 38.38" diameter
  • Solid Walnut base
  • Powder-coated steel top in five slices
Pi Coffee Table DimensionsMaterials: powder-coated steel top and solid walnut legs

Dimensions: 14" h x 38.38" w