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Platner Easy Chair and Ottoman by Knoll

Our Price: $ 14,429.00
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The Platner Easy Chair is an icon of the 1960s modern design movement. Combining style and comfort, the Platner Lounge Chair offers a truly modern touch to your home. Thin wire rods comprise the chair's back and base to eye-catching effect.

Platner Easy Chair and Ottoman by Knoll

Our Price: $ 14,429.00

Platner Easy Chair by Knoll
designed by Warren Platner

The Platner Easy Chair became a classic chair as soon as it was released. Now an iconic example of 1960s modernist design, the Platner Easy Chair is diverse and stylish enough to still be one of the more beautiful and beloved chairs on the market. Platner set out to create a delicate strength in his chairs, as well as a graceful look. This was achieved by constructing the base and backing of the chair in thin wire rods, close together and welded to circular rings in a way that recalls a haystack. He succeeded fully: the Platner Easy Chair is stunning.

The Platner seating collection is customizable, with the finish of the vertical wire rods being up to the buyer, as well as the cushion arrangement and color.

The Platner Easy Chair has forms created by vertical steel wire rods welded to circular horizontal and edge-framing rods. The finish is bright nickel with clear lacquer protection.

Lounge Chair overall: 38.75" h 39.875" w x 37" d
Ottoman: 17.875" h x 26.75" w x 26.75" d