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Prince Manual Relaxer by IMG Norway

Our Price: $ 1,740.00
+ Free Shipping

Prince Manual Relaxer by IMG Norway

Our Price: $ 1,740.00
+ Free Shipping

Prince Manual Relaxer
by IMG Norway

At A Glance:
If you've been looking for a comfortable recliner, but you're not interested in a "Bubba" design, then the Prince manual relaxer is exactly what you've been looking for. With a sleek design that could fit into the most posh condominiums and ultra-ergonomic comfort, there aren't many things to find wrong with this dashing chaise. The integrated footrest cuts down on the chair's footprint, and the easy tilt function will get you in nap mode in a snap. Add in the glide function, and it might be tough for you to not fall asleep as soon as you sit down. The Prince Manual Relaxer will be your new favorite spot in the house.

NORWEGIAN QUALITY: All IMG products meet the highest quality standards. The reclining mechanism with integrated footrest is made by the largest specialized mechanism supplier in the world. The construction is based on a hard wood and steel frame with IMG’s unique molded foam.

MANY UNIQUE COMFORT FUNCTIONS: The IMG Relaxers offer five different built-in functions: • Swivel • Effortless reclining and adjustable back rest angle • Foldable footrest • Gliding / rocking function • Adjustable head and neck support

COLD-CURE MOLDED FOAM: This spaceage material encases the interior steel frame and sinuous springs, allowing for body-friendly curvatures to be covered with glove-fitted upholstery. This guarantees absolute comfort and durability.

LUXURIOUS FEEL AND TOUCH: A layer of soft high resilient polyurethane foam with fibers ensures a luxurious feel and extra softness.

ADJUSTABLE HEAD AND NECK SUPPORT: Exclusive adjustment system that allows your head and neck to rest in an infinite number of comfort positions. It can easily be adjusted by a handgrip.

GLIDER/ROCKING LOCKER: IMG Relaxers are delivered with a mechanism that makes it possible for the user to lock the gliding/rocking function. 

IMG Norway relaxers come in sizes that fit every need.

Standard: 29.9"W x 35.4"D x 39.7"H. Seat Width: 18.8". Seat Height: 18.1". Seat Depth: 21.2". Wall Clearance: 11.8". 

Large: 32.2"W x 35.4"D x 39.7"H. Seat Width: 21.2". Seat Height: 18.1". Seat Depth: 21.2". Wall Clearance: 12.9". 

Materials: 100% Polyster Fabric and Wood, Steel frame

Overall: 39" h x 32" w x 37" d