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Raincover for rectangular Dining set

Our Price: $529.00
Our Sale: $ 476.10
Short Description:
Protecting outdoor furniture and upholstery against the elements, these lightweight and fully breathable rain covers have been designed specifically for our round dining sets. Covers feature metal eyelets for fastening against high winds.
UV Resistant Washable Water/Frost Proof

Raincover for rectangular Dining set

Our Price: $529.00
Our Sale: $ 476.10

Raincover for Rectangular Dining Set

The raincover for the rectangular dining set is designed to protect your outdoor furniture from rain, snow, wind, and all of Mother Earth's elements! Weighing only 4 Lbs, the Rain cover for a rectangular dining set comes in sizes to protect any size table including chairs! Custom covers are made from a PU-coated textile that is waterproof, UV stabilised, frost-resistant and washable up to 30°C/86 °F.



  • Made to withstand any elements!
  • Water and frost resistant
  • UV Protected
  • Washable

Overall Dimensions: 

85" x 53" x 30"-Up to 6 Dining Chairs

100" x 61" x 30"- Up to 8 Dining Chairs

119.5" x 61" x 30"-Up to 10 Dining Chairs

139.5" x 65" x 30"-Up to 12 Dining Chairs

Product Weight: 4 lbs.

Materials:PU-coated waterproof textile

To keep your Ethnicraft Outdoor furniture in optimal
condition we suggest fitting a rain cover during seasons
where it is not in use, or periods of bad weather.
Custom-made to fit your Ethnicraft Outdoor furniture,
our rain covers are UV protective and provide excellent
protection against water, wind and frost. Metal eyelets are
specifically designed for fastening against high winds.
• Ensure the furniture is thoroughly clean and dry before
applying the cover protection. For long periods of time,
we recommend that, if possible, any soft furnishings,
cushions etc. should be removed and stored indoors.
Ensure any dirt or leaves have been dusted off surfaces
to reduce the chance of mould growth.
• Remove the cover regularly in order to let the furniture
and upholstery breath, as any residue can cause mould.
For tabletop covers, we advise to place a tennis ball or
similar object between the cover and the table surface
for extra ventilation.

This product is subject to a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.