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Saarinen Oval Side Table by Knoll

Our Price: $ 1,059.00
Short Description:
The Saarinen Oval Side Table by Knoll was designed by Eero Saarinen, one of the master designers of the 20th century. Available in a number of surfaces finishes, this table is among one of the most important furniture designs of the mid-century movem

Saarinen Oval Side Table by Knoll

Our Price: $ 1,059.00

Saarinen Oval Side Table
designed by Eero Saarinen
from Knoll

At A Glance:
The Saarinen Side Table, a smaller and more portable version of the Dining Table design, is slight, modern, and impossibly elegant. Whether you're looking for a living room end table or a bedside table, this version of Saarinen's classic design will serve you well.

What's To Like:

  • The simple beauty of the table, to start with.
  • Now add the fact that it's a legitimately classic design.
  • This table qualifies for museum induction, and as far as art goes it's incredibly useful.

The Bottom Line:
This is a gorgeous addition to nearly any living room. It's a legitimate all-time classic, and a thrill to own.

The Eero Saarinen Side Table is - first and foremost - a pure table. It is the work of an essentialist who boiled concepts and functions down to their irremovable attributes. The Saarinen Side Table is and effective and beautiful structure. From Saarinen himself: "The underside of typical chairs and tables makes a confusing, unrestful world. I wanted to clear up the slum of legs." To accomplish this, the Saarinen Side Table is on a pedestal, unencumbered by the "slum of legs," and easy to use for the whole family. The table is available with a wide variety of top and base finishes.


  • Overall dimensions: 20" h x 22.5" w x 15" d
  • Cast aluminum base
  • Black and white bases have a Rilsan finish
  • Platinum base has a polyurethane enameled, clear satin finish
  • Top is marble, laminate, or wood, according to your choice
The Saarinen Side Table has a marble, laminate, or wood top along with a cast aluminum or platinum base. Black and white bases are coated in a tough Rilsan finish.

20" h x 22.5" w x 15" d