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Sapper 50 Monitor Arm by Knoll

Our Price: $ 604.00 - $ 642.00
Short Description:
The Sapper 50 monitor arm integrates the defining features of theSapper™ Monitor Arm Collection, including interchangeability, adaptability and intuitive adjustment, and expands the capabilities of the collection to include support for larger monitor
Authorized Knoll Retailer Built in cable Management Holds up to 50 LBS

Sapper 50 Monitor Arm by Knoll

Our Price: $ 604.00 - $ 642.00

Sapper 50 Monitor Arm
by Knoll

Everyone and everything needs some support - even your monitor. With the Sapper 50 monitor stand, you get all of the defining features of the collection such as interchangeability, intuitive adjustment, adaptability and more. However, this monitor arm exceeds the capabilities of its predecessors by supporting monitors and flat screens of up to 50 pounds.


  • Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Monitor can tilt 165 degrees up and down, 180 degrees left and right, and 360 degrees from portrait to landscape.
  • 18" total depth adjustment range
  • Can get as compact as 5" deep when fully compressed
  • Comes with built-in cable management
  • Call our sales team to find out about alternate mounting and arm options

Two-Piece Table Clamp Mount:
The standard two-piece table clamp is easy to install or retrofit and works on most worksurfaces or desks that are a minimum of 1.5" thick. The maximum worksurface thickness is 2.75". There are four settings to accommodate a range of worksurface thicknesses. For the fourth setting to accommodate the thickest worksurfaces you must invert the lower mounting plate to allow the mount to clamp the maximum 23 important to mock up the table clamp, particularly on competitive product to ensure a proper fit.

*There is a deep table clamp mount that is one piece and works on most surfaces. The deep table clamp mount is intended to clear most knife-edge (45 degree angle) desks or worksurfaces. It has an upcharge and can be yours if you reach out to our sales team at 888.467.6278.

Apple Computer Note:
Apple iMacs are not VESA compliant. To mount an iMac or LED Cinema Display to a Sapper arm requires a customer to purchase a Cinema Display VESA Mount Adapter Kit from Apple. The adapter kit comes standard with a 100 mm x 100 mm hole pattern and can be purchased online at


Arm made of die-case aluminum with a steel top place. The table clamp is made of steel, and the adjustment knob is made of nylon undermold with a TPU overmold

Measurements: Mast Height: 16" or 24"
Depth Adjustment: 5-18