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Slatwall Tile by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 136.00
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Slatwall Tile by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 136.00
+ Free Shipping

Steelcase Slatwall Tile
by Steelcase

Steelcase 48in Slatwall At A Glance:
Helping you make the best use of vertical space around your desk, this slatwall panel can either be mounted on the back of your desk, or on the wall near you. Multiple slatwall panels can even be stacked on the wall to give you a larger area for miscellaneous storage.

What's To Like:
There's a large variety of worktools that work in conjunction with this slatwall system, including a telephone caddy, letter trays, binder holders and more. And best of all, the slatwall is made from tough, light extruded aluminum for durability and strength.

What's Not to Like:
For slatwall, this is kind of expensive. But you'll be hard-pressed to find a better miscellaneous storage system with cheaper traditional slatwall. Steelcase know they have a good product on their hands.

The Bottom Line:
The Steelcase 48" Slatwall is a great base for all kinds of office storage, and can be used in multiple places and mounted on desks for convenience.


  • Overall dimensions without stanchions or wall brackets: 12" h x .75" d
  • Available in 36", 42", 48" or 60" widths
  • Extruded aluminum construction with plastic end caps.
  • Installation requires Steelcase Slatwall Stanchions or Steelcase Wall Brackets (each sold separately)
  • Slatwall tiles mount on panels or walls
  • Provide flexible support that makes great use of vertical real estate
  • May be wall-mounted to studs for open plan or home offices
  • Slatwall can hold a maximum of 60 lb
  • Total dimensions of worktools specified should not exceed slatwall dimensions
  • Product does not allow two slatwall tiles to work in a corner application
  • End cap may be removed for applications that require two slatwall tiles to be next to each other,or for a single slatwall tile to fit better in a corner

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Steelcase 48" Slatwall is also known by the following manufacturer item number: WS48. It was formerly known as the Details Slatwall Tile.

Available in the following widths: 36", 42", 48" and 60"
Overall: 12" h x .75" d

Extruded aluminum