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SOTO File Box by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 36.00

SOTO File Box by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 36.00

SOTO File Box
by Steelcase

At A Glance:
Keep your letter-size binders, magazines, catalogs, and directories orderly and close at hand with the SOTO File Box. Your current necessities or future work can be easily and neatly piled and stored, and you'll breathe easier because all that paperwork isn't next to your elbow anymore. The File Box is part of the SOTO collection, a selection of storage tools that help you keep your peace of mind and stay clutter-free.

What's To Like:
Hard sides and a clean, modern construction make this a durable, attractive way to stack papers and magazines at your desk. It's not one of those flimsy cardboard ones (that end up looking like someone's little brother was dragging it behind his bike all the way to school).

What's Not to Like:
It only comes in white or black, and it's about ten bucks more than you'd expect to pay for a run-of-the-mill mag holder. This one's sturdy, no doubt - and Steelcase has priced it to reflect that.

The Bottom Line:
The File Box is a great way to keep your catalogs and magazines in order if you're using the SOTO system at your desk - and even if you aren't.


  • Overall dimensions: 12.25" h x 4" w x 9.875" d
  • Choose an orientation: tall for most materials, short for larger binders
  • File box can be kept on the 10" SOTO Shelves or any other worksurface
  • High gloss ABS plastic for durability and a sharp aesthetic
  • Use in combination with the other great boxes in the SOTO collection

The SOTO File Box is also known by the following manufacturer item number: DSDFB.

High Gloss White ABS Plastic

Overall: 12.25" h x 4" w x 9.875" d