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SOTO Letter Box by Steelcase

Our Price: $36.00
Our Sale: $ 30.60

SOTO Letter Box by Steelcase

Our Price: $36.00
Our Sale: $ 30.60

SOTO Letter Box
by Steelcase

At A Glance:
Keep your letter-size papers, magazines, catalogs, and directories orderly and close at hand with the SOTO Letter Box. Your in-box and out-box can be easily and neatly piled and stored, and you'll breathe easier because all that paperwork isn't next to your elbow anymore.

What's To Like:
Simple and stackable, the Letter Box is just the right height to offer maximum usability while saving space.

What's Not to Like:
It only comes in white or black, and it's about ten bucks more than you'd expect to pay for a run-of-the-mill letter box. This one's sturdy, no doubt - and Steelcase has priced it to reflect that.

The Bottom Line:
The Letter Box is part of the SOTO collection, storage tools that are intended to help you keep your peace of mind and keep a clutter-free workspace, and it does its job simply and with a clean aesthetic.


  • Overall dimensions: 2" h x 13.75" w x 9.875" d
  • Can be used individually or stacked horizontally
  • When stacked, boxes interlock
  • Open front keeps papers in view and allows access when boxes are stacked
  • Accommodates letter-sized paper or files
  • Letter boxes can be kept on the 10" SOTO Shelves or any other worksurface
  • High gloss ABS plastic for durability and a sharp aesthetic
  • Use in combination with the other great boxes in the SOTO collection

The SOTO Letter Box is also known by the following manufacturer item number: DSLLB.

ABS Plastic

Overall: 2" h x 13.75" w x 9.875" d