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SOTO Utility Box by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 32.00
+ Free Shipping

SOTO Utility Box by Steelcase

Our Price: $ 32.00
+ Free Shipping

SOTO Utility Box
by Steelcase

SOTO Utility Box At A Glance:
Any item that doesn't have a place on your desktop can have one with the SOTO Utility Box. The sturdy little box can be easily and neatly piled and stored, and you'll love how clean your desk looks once you've done the cleanup.

What's To Like:
The SOTO Utility Box is the perfect home for all those odds and ends you have lying around your desk right now. Your workspace will end up cleaner and you'll have everything you need still at your fingertips. And with its SOTO Shelf-ready size, it'll stay out of your way.

What's Not to Like:
It only comes in white or black, and it's about ten bucks more than you'd expect to pay for an ordinary accessory box. This one's sturdy and specially sized, no doubt - and Steelcase has priced it to reflect that.

The Bottom Line:
The Utility Box is an integral part of the SOTO collection, a selection of storage tools that help you keep your peace of mind and keep a clutter-free workspace.


  • Overall dimensions: 1.25" h x 9" w x 3.875" d
  • Freestanding on your desktop
  • Inside or stacked on top of SOTO Personal Box
  • Fits perfectly inside the SOTO Display Shelf 3" deep channel
  • It's made from high gloss white ABS plastic for durability and a sharp aesthetic


The SOTO Utility Box is also known by the following manufacturer item number: DSUB.

High Gloss White ABS plastic

Overall: 1.25" h x 9" w x 3.875" d