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Standing Height Everywhere Table by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 650.00
Short Description:
The Standing Height Everywhere Table by Herman Miller has a industrial metal column base that gives it strength and stability. The round table top is available in either veneer of laminate.

Standing Height Everywhere Table by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 650.00

Standing Height Everywhere Table
by Herman Miller

Crisp lines and a versatile design help this standing height table fit in anywhere and everywhere. If you prefer to stand or sit in a stool as you work, then this Standing Height Everywhere Table is great for your. This table also works great as a cafe table in a break room home. Whether you're changing your posture and standing as you work or simply grabbing a bite to eat with friends, the Herman Miller Standing Height Everywhere Table offers durability and stability.

The Standing Height Everywhere Table features:

  • 36" Diameter top x 42" Height
  • 'x' four column base for strength and stability
  • adjustable glides that offer 1/2" of leveling range
  • your choice of laminate or veneer top
  • crisp lines and a versatile design

Laminate or wood veneer top
Coated metal column base

36" diameter x 42" height

The Standing Height Table is 42 inches high and 36 inches in diameter, creating a unique profile for any home or office environment. The Everywhere Table series is all about creating a complete set of tables for the home and office that anticipate and fill every need. Their adaptability is reflected not only in the tables that are actually adjustable and free-form, but also in the set tables like the Standing Height Everywhere Table. This particular piece is a perfect fit for a truly modern office. It's great for workers who like to stand as they work (which has proven to be great for your health and ergonomically sound), and it's perfect for folks to have a casual meeting or a quick bite during work hours. A desk or a cafe table, the choice is yours (and why not both?).

You can also make lots of other great choices about how this piece will look, and therefore how it will fit into your home or office decor. The base can be finished with a Black Umber color or a Metallic Silver, each providing a clean, hard-edged compliment to the overall simple and elegant look of the collection. You also choose the color of the tabletop, selecting either white for a truly modern feel, or maple for a warmer, more inviting look.

The Standing Height Table, paired with a couple of great looking stools, is a wonderful addition to any home or office. It's provides a unique surface for needs both unique and common, and gives your workers, your family and yourself more choices about how to work, take breaks, dine, and meet with friends or colleagues.