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Stressless Buckingham Chair, Lowback by Ekornes

Our Price: $ 2,595.00

Stressless Buckingham Chair, Lowback by Ekornes

Our Price: $ 2,595.00

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Stressless Buckingham Chair, Lowback
by Ekornes

The Stressless Buckingham Chair is one of the latest in a long line of beautiful, modern recliners, chair, sofas and loveseats produced by Ekornes and loved and sold all over the world. The profound sense of comfort and balance you feel when you sit in the lowback chair is it's undeniable signature, but the aesthetic achievement of the Stressless Buckingham Chair, it's fingerprint, is all it's own.

The wooden legs and support structures of the chair are similar to other Ekornes creations, but none use the material quite so well or quite so prominently as the Buckingham Stressless Chair. With other models of the chair, the wood accents are beautiful but certainly not dominant, or really even equal, to the attention lavished on the leather upholstery. With the Buckingham, the wooden accents become a very serious piece of the aesthetic puzzle. They make the leather pop, but they also emerge on their own as well-designed, prominent and attractive features, not just accents. The legs of the chair are at an angle, and from the side seem to be pushing the chair upward, toward users. The structure of the chair itself, as per usual with a Stressless, is angled inward, inviting the user into a pocket of comfort. The combined effect is pleasing to the eye as well as the body, and the wooden structure holds up on it's own as a design piece.

Of course, that isn't to take anything away from the leather upholstery on the chair, which is typically rich, luxurious and well-made. It's also well designed, with a seamed look that separates the backing into separate rectangular zones without the use of visible "buttons" or focal points. The seams are seamless. The look of the leather-upholstered seat pan and back is simple but elegant, modern but classic. By refining the materials of the chair down to only a few rich elements, The Lowback Buckingham Chair has achieved a modern ideal, and by shaping those materials in a deft, simple and functional way, it has made itself into a classic. This is a chair that's meant to be used, not looked at in a museum. At the same time, were the Buckingham Stressless Chair displayed in such a venue, it would not seem out of place.

The Buckingham Stressless Chair is an extremely adaptable and varied piece of furniture. Aside from it's aesthetic and ergonomic success, it's meant to fit into any home, any room, and any lifestyle. The chair isn't just a chair; it can be a recliner. It can also be a loveseat or a sofa. In the loveseat and sofa iterations, each individual panel is designed to mimic the chair, and they each recline and operate independently of the others. When you throw in the Glide system, the Plus system and the 360 degrees of rotation, the chair begins to emerge as a true achievement, and a furniture staple throughout the world.

Already renowned as the most comfortable, supportive and ergonomic chair on the international market, the Buckingham Stressless Chair is proving Ekornes can also make the most beautiful.

Product features include:

  • Stressless Glide System: simply adjust the Glide wheels to the setting you desire. You can automatically shift to any seating position by using your body weight.
  • Plus System: automatically provides correct support for your head and lumbar area in all positions. The lower back support adjusts in parallel with the headrest, so you can enjoy perfect support, whether you are sitting in an upright or reclining position.

Overall: 33.9" h x 41.7" w x 31.9" d
Seat Height: 16.9" h

Materials & Fabrics:
To get a closer look at the upholstery options and wood finishes for the Stressless Blues Chair, visit our Ekornes Stressless Materials Library.


Batick Leather:
A corrected aniline-dyed, pigmented and grain-embossed upholstery leather, which has had most of its natural marks removed. The protective layer of lacquer allows spills to be easily removed. Easy to clean and attractively priced, Batick is a popular choice for those who want a more resilient leather.

Paloma Leather:
An aniline-dyed upholstery leather with a combination of dyes and pigments in the finish. Paloma has a natural grain pattern with visible natural marks. The light finishing treatment improves the physical properties and provides a more uniform color. Paloma has been developed to produce a very soft, rich and friendly feel. The preferred choice of those who want a soft, authentic look in leather that breathes well.

Cori Leather:
Cori is a corrected, pigment improved and grain embossed upholstery leather. Cori has a substantial body and a distinct pebbled grain. Most of its natural marks are removed. Cori has a tip-shine which adds depth and character to the surface. Some colors have two-tone/ tone-on-tone effect. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning.

Noblesse Leather:
Noblesse is the most exclusive leather quality offered by Ekornes. It is a full grain semi-aniline, which means that it is dyed all the way through and has only a thin protective topcoat. This allows the leather to keep the natural softness and lustre that characterises a first-class furniture leather. A natural material like Noblesse retains its original grain and structure. Minor color nuances and skin blemishes may also occur. Such individual details could lead to slight variations in different parts of the furniture cover. Although the topcoat provides a measure of protection, Noblesse is the most delicate of the leather qualities that Ekornes uses. It absorbs moisture easily, and is more vulnerable to wear and tear, heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration. Regular maintenance is important to keep its attractive appearance.