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Stressless Consul Chair and Ottoman, Small with Classic Base by Ekornes

Our Price: $ 2,095.00
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With a striking combination of comfort, function, and balanced good looks, the Stressless Consul Chair is the direct result of more than 35 years of refining what Ekornes has preached all along.

Stressless Consul Chair and Ottoman, Small with Classic Base by Ekornes

Our Price: $ 2,095.00

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Stressless Consul Chair Small and Ottoman, Leather
by Ekornes Stressless

As an international brand, Stressless has done a fitting thing in naming three of its chairs after international-relations public servants. The Consul Small, Consul Medium, and Consul Large chairs are all part of the same style family, but in different sizes. The Consul Chair Small is the small-sized chair of the bunch, and is perfectly suited to a comfortable domestic life.

Also available are the Consul Medium and the Consul Large.

If you're looking for the Consul Chair Small with Signature Base, you can find it HERE.

The recline function (the Glide System) reacts to shifts in your body weight. This means you never have to hold tension in your body, like you would in many other recliners. Your head, neck, and shoulders are supported well by the Stressless Consul Chair's headrest. The headrest moves with the chair to keep your head supported in a reading position with your neck muscles relaxed. As an alternative, you can drop the headrest if you'd like to lie almost fully flat. The Plus system within the chair controls lumbar region support, so that whenever you need it, the chair moves to support your lower back. And all that's not even getting into the way the chair looks! It's refined-looking, like it belongs in the home of someone who appreciates the finer things - like you do.

With a striking combination of comfort, function, and balanced good looks, the Stressless Consul Chair is the direct result of more than 35 years of refining what Ekornes has preached all along. Slightly contemporary in its overall design, the wood frame and plush upholstery are reminders of the Stressless Consul Chair's luxurious quality. Ekornes introduced the Stressless chair in 1971, meticulously developing and designing the chair to provide your body with the ultimate in comfort and support while sitting upright or reclined. This revolutionary design has made Stressless the ultimate recliner for the past 35 years.

Ekornes introduced the Stressless chair in 1971, meticulously developing and designing the chair to provide your body with the ultimate in comfort and support while sitting upright or reclined. This revolutionary design has made Stressless the ultimate recliner for the past 35 years.

The Stressless Consul Chair Small was formerly known as the Diplomat Chair.


  • Chair dimensions: 37" h x 28.25" w x 27.5" d
  • Ottoman dimensions: 15" h x 21.25" w x 15.25" d
  • Seat height: 15" h
  • Stressless Glide System: allows you to adjust the glide setting so you can automatically shift to any seating position by simply using your body weight.
  • Plus System: automatically provides correct support for your head and lumbar area in all positions. The lower back support adjusts in parallel with the headrest, so you can enjoy perfect support, whether you are sitting in an upright or reclining position.
  • ErgoAdapt: seat tilts down automatically the moment you sit down, providing the most comfortable sitting angle. If you prefer to lie down, the seat elevates to the completely flat position.
  • Upholstered in your choice of leather or fabric
  • Cushioned with two layers of foam
  • Glide system within the chair is made of sturdy steel
  • Strong, high-quality bent plywood base swivels and provides excellent stability



It's not just the back of the chair that moves, either. The seat of the chair moves with you as well, responding to your new positions and a different weight distribution, and keeping you as comfortable and supported as possible. Even the ottoman moves with you, tilting forward or backward when you move. The whole system is a space age solution to a stone-age problem: What's the most comfortable and supportive sitting position possible?

The Plus System is the Glide Systems partner in keeping your body in the best ergonomic position. But it focuses more on support for you back, head and neck. The Plus System is something you're only going to find in this line of chairs - your Laz-E-Boy can't do this. When you recline in your Stressless Chair, your head and neck are taken care of a subtly adjusting and moving headrest. It keeps your spine from crinkling, and it keeps your eye line straightforward. This isn't just great for your spine, head and neck, it's great for your view of the television, or of the book you're reading, or the person you’re having a conversation with. At the same time as the headrest cradles your head and neck, the lower part of the seat back pushes forward to support the small of your back, your lumbar region. The lumbar region, it has become clear in recent decades, is one of the most important parts of your back, and one of the most prone to stress and injury. And what better for a body part like that than an Ekornes Stressless Chair? The filling action of the lower seat back takes off the pressure and keeps you comfy. A recliner that makes your back healthier? No too shabby.

Beyond questions of comfort and support, this is also a deeply stylish chair. The look of the Ekornes Consul Stressless Chair is one of trim, lithe beauty. It's not stuffed with padding or weighed down with baggy lengths of fabric or leather - it looks fit and robust. The part of the chair you actually sit on, the seat and seat back, us upholstered in beautiful leather, stretched over an elegant frame.

The base of the chair is accented with wood, European Beech to be exact. This is a prized wood, with a beautiful grain and an attractive color. It's an excellent compliment to the Stressless Chair it supports, and of course it's completely in line with the dignity and austerity implied by the official name of this line of chairs: the Consul Small, the Consul Medium, and the Consul Large.The modern recliner isn't quite complete without a full compliment of accessories to make it the perfect relaxation zone. For instance, one of the several options available on this particular Stressless Chair is the Personal Table. The Personal Table attaches to the side of your chair and can be pulled forward (so it goes over your lap) or pushed away (so you don’t even have to see it), whatever you're in the mood for. It's specifically designed for laptops, which means it'll be a snap to both watch the big game and follow your fantasy team online - without ever having to get up from your chair! Another great feature of the table is that it itself is able to recline. You can recline it so that it sloped towards you, and that will make reading a book or magazine, or just looking at whatever it is that you're using, a lot easier on your head, neck, and eyes.

Sometimes you want things to be close at hand, rather than close to your visual field. For instance, drinks and snacks. Well the good people who created the Ekornes Stressless Chair have you covered there as well. Say hello to the Stressless Swing Table, similar to the Personal Table but designed specifically for keeping things close to your hand. Put your drink on it, or a bowl of popcorn when you're watching a movie, and then move it back and forth at your leisure. Don’t say Ekornes never did anything for ya!

The best reason to buy an Ekornes Stressless Consul Chair is if you have a smaller stature than the average person. It’s important not to let the traditional one size fits all recliner dominate the discourse in terms of personal fit. At Ekornes, they believe it's more than reasonable to create three versions of the same recliner - it's absolutely necessary for them to complete their mission. And that mission is to create the perfect recliner for every person on earth. If you think the Consul Stressless Chair would be right for you, check it out - you're probably right.


Fabric or leather upholstery, laminated European beech base, steel recline mechanism

Recliner: 37" h x 28.25" w x 27.5" d
Seat height: 15"
Ottoman: 15" h x 21.25" w x 15.25" d

To get a closer look at the upholstery options for the Stressless Consul Chair, visit our Ekornes Stressless Materials Library.

Batick Leather:
A corrected aniline-dyed, pigmented and grain-embossed upholstery leather, which has had most of its natural marks removed. The protective layer of lacquer allows spills to be easily removed. Easy to clean and attractively priced, Batick is a popular choice for those who want a more resilient leather.

Paloma Leather:
An aniline-dyed upholstery leather with a combination of dyes and pigments in the finish. Paloma has a natural grain pattern with visible natural marks. The light finishing treatment improves the physical properties and provides a more uniform color. Paloma has been developed to produce a very soft, rich and friendly feel. The preferred choice of those who want a soft, authentic look in leather that breathes well.

Cori Leather:
Cori is a corrected, pigment improved and grain embossed upholstery leather. Cori has a substantial body and a distinct pebbled grain. Most of its natural marks are removed. Cori has a tip-shine which adds depth and character to the surface. Some colors have two-tone/ tone-on-tone effect. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning.

Pioneer Leather:
A luxurious, full grain aniline leather, Pioneer retains the original grain of the leather, and is treated with oils, waxes, and transparent dyes. It is made to enhance the soft touch and natural appeal of the leather, offering vibrant colors and a beautiful luster. This leather will gain patina and become more beautiful with time. However, the delicate finish of Pioneer Leather offers just a slight protection. It can absorb moisture easily and is vulnerable to heat, sunlight, and spills.

Noblesse Leather:
Noblesse is the most exclusive leather quality offered by Ekornes. It is a full grain semi-aniline, which means that it is dyed all the way through and has only a thin protective topcoat. This allows the leather to keep the natural softness and lustre that characterises a first-class furniture leather. A natural material like Noblesse retains its original grain and structure. Minor color nuances and skin blemishes may also occur. Such individual details could lead to slight variations in different parts of the furniture cover. Although the topcoat provides a measure of protection, Noblesse is the most delicate of the leather qualities that Ekornes uses. It absorbs moisture easily, and is more vulnerable to wear and tear, heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration. Regular maintenance is important to keep its attractive appearance.



About the Manufacturer

Stressless recliners and sofas have been synonymous with comfort since the company's inception in 1971. Known as the "Innovators of Comfort" - Stressless' designers and engineers have succeeded in creating a recline system that provides seamless support from your knees to your head regardless of how you're sitting. The Stressless glide system - a reclining mechanism hidden beneath the chair's plush, inviting exterior, permits freedom of movement without ever giving up lumbar, head and leg support. Combined with matching ottomans, and available in numerous sizes to accommodate, Ekornes Stressless chairs and sofas will be the most relaxing recliners you've ever experienced.


Frame: warranted for 10 years
Foam casings: warranted for 5 years
Wood base: warranted for 5 years
Leather/fabric: warranted for 1 year

Ekornes guarantees the internal mechanism of our recliners for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase of the product. The 10 year guarantee covers the Plus system and the internal metal frame, including the metal springs and gliding system. It does not cover damage to leather or woodwork or any faults or damage caused by the use of the product other than in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, as well as any faults or damage arising from any repairs made by any persons not authorized by the manufacturer.