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Stressless Original Elevator Ring by Ekornes

Our Price: $ 165.00

Stressless Original Elevator Ring by Ekornes

Our Price: $ 165.00

Original Elevator Ring for Recliners
For Stressless Recliners purchased before 2012
by Ekornes Stressless

In 2012 Stressless updated its elevator rings with slightly wider diameters. These new rings will not fit the old recliners, but the original rings are still available right here. If you purchased your Stressless recliner since 2012, please get your new Elevator Ring here.  Please check out the Elevator Kit for Signature bases here.

  • The Elevator Ring fits neatly onto the base of your Stressless Signature Base Recliner, adding 1.25" of height to your chair.
  • Available in 3 sizes for Stressless ottomans, small or medium recliners, and large recliners.
  • Elevator rings for recliners may be stacked to add additional height with the optional Swivel Ring.
  • Note: Elevator rings do not fit the Stressless Jazz or Blues recliners.

European Beech with Black Finish

Height: 1.25"

If you're tall or you just need to sit higher up to more easily get out of your chair, the Stressless Elevator Ring will increase the height of your chair by 1.38". Starting in 2012 Stressless chair bases changed in size. Measure the diameter of your swivel ring to determine the appropriate size for your chair.

Ottoman: The elevator ring for the ottoman hasn't changed, but it isn't compatible with any pre-2004 ottoman.

Pre 2012 Small or Medium Recliner: 21.13" diameter swivel ring (6 clips)

Pre 2012 Large Recliner: 24" diameter swivel ring (6 clips)

*If you're wondering what the swivel ring options are for, you need those if you are stacking elevator rings. For example, if you are going to use two Elevator Rings to get 2.8" of added height you would get one ring and one ring with swivel ring. If this is confusing please call us at (800) 260-8420!